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Fans Are Defending Chrissy Teigen After A Body Shamer Criticized Her Emmy Look

Yas, Chrissy!

Okay, so Chrissy Teigen and John Legend attended the Emmys tonight and they both looked amazing.

But, like, especially Chrissy??? I mean, GUH-ORRR-GESSSS!

Anyway, some time between crushing the red carpet, sneaking sips from her flask...

.@chrissyteigen takes a sip from her wrist flask at the #Emmys

...and becoming a new meme...

...the mom of two ALSO clapped back at a body shamer online. Someone commented on a photo of Chrissy and John asking if Chrissy was "pregnant again," and FROM HER FREAKING SEAT AT THE EMMYS, she clapped back.

I just had a baby but thank you for being soooo respectful https://t.co/N9ZxZ35Zze

She wrote, "I just had a baby, but thank you for being soooo respectful."

Then, a ton of other people responded with supportive messages because *shouts from the rooftops* IT'S NEVER OKAY TO SHAME SOMEONE ABOUT THEIR BODY!

@chrissyteigen Some people still dont understand how the female body works or the fact that not every woman goes from being pregnant to swimsuit edition body in a few weeks.

Chrissy Teigen clapping back from her seat at the Emmys is everything. https://t.co/Ue6RFxIN7G

@chrissyteigen If I look that good 4 months after giving birth . . . I actually don't know how to finish that sentence. I pray to GOD I look that good 4 months after giving birth.

@chrissyteigen How is ever asking any woman if she’s pregnant respectful? You look amazing tonight @chrissyteigen ! 😍

@chrissyteigen Right before I read this hideous tweet I texted my best friend to say how AMAZING you look. So F that dingdong.

@chrissyteigen You looked fantastic. God forbid a woman doesn’t immediately lose all of her baby weight. Sacrilege!

*Live footage of Chrissy laughing off all the haters.*