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Luna Called John Legend By His First Name And His Reaction Is...Well...Legendary


Time for your weekly "What's New With Chrissy Teigen" update! But this time, it's a PUPdate (I had to). Over the weekend, Chrissy debuted her fam's new pup, Petey!

We LOVE Petey the Poodle!!!!

Miles loves Petey!

Luna loves Petey!

Speaking of Luna, Chrissy shared this HIGHlarious video of Luna asking John if he wanted to hold Petey. But, like, she actually said "John." Not dad.

"John, would you like to hold her?"

You can hear Chrissy in the background confusedly saying, "John??"

Anyway, Mr. Legend was NOT pleased. Look at his face!!!!!

He's thinking, "No, ma'am. Not today!"

But to Luna he said, "I'm not John. I'm your dad."

Chrissy shared the video on Twitter and people had the funniest reactions:

@questlove @chrissyteigen Black parents don't play that first name stuff.😂

@chrissyteigen Lmfao his face was like “WHOOOOO”

@tenaciousQT @chrissyteigen My whole head GONE 😂 black parents don’t play lol. John was chillin cause cameras were rolling 😂

@chrissyteigen he was like “first of all..” 😂

@Jamieyanggang @chrissyteigen My parents didn’t play that. Even to this day, I don’t call adults older than me by their first name unless it’s they insist.

@chrissyteigen John? I'm not John... I'm your dad

@chrissyteigen is this the maddest John legend has ever been

@chrissyteigen Luna: John, would you like to hold her? @johnlegend :

Meanwhile, Luna's over here like:


Do you call your parents by their first names? Tell us in the comments!

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