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Out Of All The Times Chrissy Teigen Has Trolled John Legend, This One Might Be The Best


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Chrissy Teigen. At this point, she needs no introduction.

Well, a few minutes ago, I was minding my own business and just scrolling through Instagram when I nearly spit out my iced latte after noticing Chrissy's latest post.

Instagram: @chrissyteigen

It's a photo of Luna holding a stuffed Arthur. At first, you think, "Aww, cute photo!" but then you get to the comments and see the savagery.

In case you've never seen what John Legend looks like, let me tell you: He looks like Arthur.

John when you tell him he looks like Arthur


As a matter of fact, his crazy resemblance has become a ~thing~.

Thanks to #GoogleDuo, my stylist is always on-call. #ad