Chrissy Teigen Just Wrote The Most Chrissy Teigen Anniversary Message To John Legend

    Twelve years of love and comedy.

    Ahh, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. They're basically the internet's mom and dad.

    IRL, they're parents to 2-year-old Luna and 4-month-old Miles who are both too cute for words.

    Anyway, if you can believe it, the couple have been married for five years now and posted some really adorable messages to each other on Instagram.

    Chrissy wrote, "12 years ago today, I met the man of my dreams. And 5 years ago today, we got married. We have two babies and some pups and a life I am grateful to have. My everything, I love you and am so proud of the story we’ve created."

    But, let's not forget who we're talking about here. She ended her message with, "But you are an asshole for releasing your @nbcthevoice news on my target launch day for real." Classic Chrissy!

    John followed suit and wrote, "What can I say on a day like today? I could talk about the 12 beautiful years I've known you. I could talk about the 5 years of wedded bliss, the 2 wonderful children we've brought into this world."

    He continued, "But I feel the urge to say something far more important. I LOVE your new kitchenware line at @Target. I can't wait for it to come out on September 30th. I'm so proud of everything you've done in your career and how much joy you bring to people's lives. Did I mention that your Cravings Cookbook is coming out Tuesday? Because it's coming out Tuesday. I love you, baby."

    Please never change, you two. Happy anniversary!