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    Chris Pratt Knows You're Mad At Star-Lord For What He Did In "Infinity War"

    Who's the real villain?

    Before I tell you what funny thing Chris Pratt did today, I'm obligated to warn you that if you haven't seen Avengers: Infinity War yet, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!!


    Do not read any further. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.


    Alright, here we go.

    So, as you know, despite their best efforts, the heroes in Infinity War were unable to defeat Thanos, resulting in the death/disappearance of all our faves.


    And, even though it sucks, they weren't really to blame. Thanos was an extremely powerful villain and they all put in their best effort...everyone except for Star-Lord that is.

    IMO, he was just kind of annoying during the whole movie. But, when the Avengers (and friends) actually came up with a plausible plan to defeat Thanos on Titan, he COMPLETELY FUCKED IT UP.


    Yes, I know. Doctor Strange saw all of the outcomes and this was the only one that would work and blah blah blah. But, still.

    As you'll remember, after realizing that Thanos killed Gamora to get the Soul Stone, Quill completely loses it and starts beating the shit out of him. But, instead of killing him (as if that would even work, lmao) all it does is make it harder for Mantis and Spidey to yank off the Infinity Gauntlet.


    Now, I get it. He just found out that the love of his life was murdered. It's SAD AF. But, like, he couldn't wait 30 more seconds to react?? I mean, half of the universe's population is at stake! A half that could very well include Rihanna, I might add. PRIORITIES!!

    TLDR; Star-Lord botched the group's one real chance at defeating Thanos and we all hate him now...and Chris Pratt knows it.

    The actor acknowledged our collective frustration on Instagram and came up with a hilariously perfect solution...


    Instagram: @

    Sure, it's not quite an apology, but I have a feeling it's the best we're gonna get.

    At least now we can divert our frustrations towards Thor for NOT πŸ‘ GOING πŸ‘ FOR πŸ‘ THE πŸ‘ HEAD πŸ‘.


    Loki's starting to look better and better, smh.

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