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John Krasinski Had The Best Response To Chris Martin's Claims That He Ignored His Email About "A Quiet Place"

"Are you kidding me!?!? Emily what have you done!?!?"

This week on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin told a hilarious story about being snubbed by Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.

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It all started when, during a commercial break for the show, the trailer for A Quiet Place Part II aired. Afterward, Chris said, “May I tell you a story? I know we didn’t tell your researchers about this, but I didn’t know you were going to play that trailer."

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Cautiously, Ellen says, "OK."

"When A Quiet Place came out," he began, "I had an idea for a joke afterwards. And so I sent Emily Blunt and her husband this idea for the musical of A Quiet Place and it was just me like that...and they never replied."



"So every time I see that trailer, it makes me feel sick," he joked. "I thought, Oh no, they must have thought I was taking the mickey. I wasn’t. I loved the film!


"I never heard back," Chris said again, to which Ellen replied, "You'll hear from 'em now."

And he did! But according to John Krasinski, he never got an email to begin with!

The Quiet Place star and director commented on Ellen's video, saying, "Are you kidding me!?!? Emily what have you done!?!?"

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No word yet on Chris's reply, but Nick Jonas chimed in saying that he, too, didn't get a reply to his email.

IDK what to tell ya, guys — maybe try DM'ing John on Twitter next time!


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