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    Cardi B And Travis Scott — A Breakdown Of The Grammy Drama Fans Are Talking About

    "I wasn't even thinking of winning or even the Grammys. All I could think about was ... Am I still going to have a career after this baby?"

    Earlier this week, Travis Scott's documentary, Look Mom I Can Fly, premiered on Netflix.

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    The doc shows the 28-year-old rapper's journey of creating his Grammy-nominated album Astroworld, as well as his Super Bowl performance, life with Kylie Jenner, becoming a father, and more.

    Toward the end of the doc, we see behind-the-scenes footage of Travis learning that Astroworld did not win the Grammy for Best Rap Album, which ultimately went to Cardi B for Invasion of Privacy.


    Travis was also nominated for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance.

    After receiving the news, Travis was visibly upset, shown walking off and cursing to himself repeatedly.


    After watching the documentary this week, many fans voiced their disappointment at Travis's loss. But, a few others went a step further, slamming Cardi B and her music and claiming that she "didn't deserve to win."

    Cardi B winning best rap album over Astroworld is to this day, the biggest load of shit in Grammy history #lookmomicanfly

    Travis's doc just reminded me Cardi B won best rap album at the Grammy's

    this documentary showing travis not winning a grammy still makes me mad they gave that shit to cardi b smfh

    In addition to Best Rap Album, Cardi was nominated for Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, and Best Rap Performance.

    Having had just about enough of everyone's crap, Cardi defended her much-deserved Grammy win on Twitter, detailing the challenges she faced while making Invasion of Privacy.

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    She wrote, "On my album, I showed different sides of me. From my intro talking about my past to living my best life and inspiring people."

    On my album I showed different sides of me.From my intro talking about my living my best life inspiring people.Relationship songs while I was going thru my own relationship drama to shaking ass like Bodak & that ASS .Every song went platinum!

    "I did it all while I was pregnant," she added. "Throwing up, drowsy, terrible colds, and in a rush to finish it so I [could] start doing music videos before I started showing."

    Angela Weiss / AFP / Getty Images

    "I spent 24 hours for months sleeping on a couch with my pregnant, depressed ass in a studio."

    "I wasn't even thinking of winning or even the Grammys. All I could think about was, Everybody is disappointed in me. Am I still going to have a career after this baby? Is this album going to make me or break me? I need to finish before I start showing," she wrote.

    Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

    Cardi B and husband Offset welcomed their first child together, daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus, in July 2018.

    Cardi continued, explaining the difficulties of traveling, the pressures of finishing her album while pregnant...

    All while I just separated from my long time manager.I had to get my husband to talk to my label cause I never had a relationship with them so we all came together to relocate me to Atlanta and Miami to finish my album before my stomach start showing.

    ...and the pride and excitement she felt when the album started doing well.

    When i kept seeing the certifications of the songs going gold or platinum I was so excited cause my husband was out here asking everybody for a feature on my behalf so the ones that said yes thank you from the bottom of my heart cause TRUST ME ALOT OF ARTIST SAID NO!

    "Or, charging six figures for a feature."

    "So when I won a Grammy for it, I didn't have no words to say, but when I went home I started reminiscing on what I went through during that period. I was like, YEAH, BITCH! YOU DESERVE THIS SHIT!" she explained.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    She even shared a memory with late rapper Nipsey Hussle who told her, "When it's your time, it's your time.'"

    When I won Nipsey said on a comment to me WHEN IS YOUR TIME IS YOUR TIME! Now when I speak to upcoming artist or people who ask me for advice I tell them the same thing ! WHEN IS YOUR TIME IS YOUR TIME and when it comes don’t let nobody take that special moment away from you !

    Concluding her thread, she confirmed that there's no bad blood between her and Travis and that she even promoted Astroworld when it first came out.

    Ya some grown ass men talking about dragging cardi cause I won a award for a bomb ass album .Mind you I myself promoted astroworld on my page when it came out and have a good relationship wit trav while ya some small dick men talking bout draggginh a girl .

    TMZ also reported that Travis wasn't upset with Cardi specifically, but was simply disappointed Astroworld didn't win.

    Fans were quick to show their support for the Hustlers star and praise her for her many accomplishments, which she's worked extremely hard for.

    cardi b deserved that Grammy. every song went platinum or RIAA certified or higher and it went number 1 with also 2 singles that went number 1 when it was only her DEBUT album. she made history and y’all just hate to see it.

    Idgaf what anyone got to say @iamcardib Worked/ing HARD to get where she’s at , she came up from the hood and all and she’s won all these awards and her stuff still charting‼️💯 there’s no recent album out that all songs are poppin like hers!!! #BardiGang 🤟🏼🤟🏼

    Some even pointed out that the backlash against Cardi could simply be about her being a woman who won over a man.

    It’s interesting some people complaining that Cardi B won a Grammy over Travis Scott in 1 category when he was nominated in 2 other categories that night with ALL MEN and I DONT SEE PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT HIM LOSING IN THE OTHER 2 CATEGORIES (Rap Sung/Best Rap Song) 🤔

    @iamcardib People never wanna listen to the truth because the lie is more entertaining and it helps push that negative narrative that made up for you, that’s all these people want is entertainment forgetting that celebrities are real people. I’m glad you stick up for yourself Queen

    Look, I get being a fan of someone and wanting your fave to win. But you don't have to drag other artists to do it. It didn't work with Kanye and Taylor, and it isn't working now.


    Let's lift each other up instead of tearing each other down! Oh, and Cardi? You deserve everything you worked for and more. Keep making those money moves!


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