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    Billie Eilish Is Unrecognizable With Her New Blonde Hair

    Goodbye, green!

    ATTN!!! Billie Eilish's signature green-and-black do is officially no more.

    I present to you...


    The now-seven-time Grammy winner started teasing her new look yesterday on Instagram, asking fans, "Can you guess what color?"

    And then, earlier today, she showed off the blonde, and tbh, I'm obsessed.

    "Bye, green," indeed!

    But a celeb can't just dye their hair these days. Oh no, there's gotta be a conspiracy now, too. The problem is, I believe it. TikTokers and tweeters alike are convinced that Billie actually dyed her hair a while ago...

    ...and that the hair we saw at the Grammys was a wig!

    This 'toker zeroed in on what sounds like Billie saying, "I can't take off my wig" on the Grammys red carpet.

    Normally, you can see Billie's natural hair color in her roots, but in recent pics, it's all green. HMM....

    @keepmecloser / Via Twitter: @keepmecIoser

    And I mean...she did wear a hat.

    Billie wearing a matching pink, gray, and black print outfit, including brimmed hat and face mask

    And a head wrap.

    Billie, smiling, in a head wrap and sitting with her brother Finneas

    And this headpiece. So those roots were good and covered up.

    Billie wearing a bejeweled headpiece while performing at the Grammys

    Well, wig or no, I am here for this new era of Blonde Billie and need her to share more pics ASAP.

    Soft-focus photo of Billie with long blonde hair

    What do you think of Billie's new look?

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