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Beyoncé Let Loose On Mother's Day And Blessed Us With Photos

Another day, another photoshoot.

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Beyoncé took to her Instagram yesterday and graced us with photos of her and her insanely adorable family celebrating Mother's Day, and tbh, we're jealous.

Instagram: @beyonce

The Carter clan ventured off to LA's Museum of Ice Cream and look like they had a total blast.

Instagram: @beyonce

So fun! So carefree!

Future big sister and the #1 fan in the Beyhive Blue honored her mom on her special day with the cutest smile!

Instagram: @beyonce

How has she gotten so big already?


This isn't the first time the mother-daughter duo have sported matching outfits. Nine months ago, Bey posted a super sweet video of her "bestie" in a matching floral dress.

Instagram: @beyonce

Just thinking about her twins in matching outfits is too much to handle.

Serious mother nature vibes right here.

Instagram: @beyonce

The celebration wouldn't be complete without Bey's own mom, Tina Knowles, also present at the festivities.

Instagram: @beyonce

Could those be lemons in the background?