Here Are The Best Romance Novels Of 2021

    Featuring all your favorite tropes.

    1. The Fastest Way to Fall

    by Denise Williams

    Lifestyle writer Britta Colby is determined to prove she’s an asset to the website she works for, so when she’s presented with the opportunity to write about the popular new body-positive fitness app FitMe, she gives it her all. After signing up, she’s paired with virtual coach Wes. Their daily check-ins about her activity levels and favorite foods quickly turn into banter and flirting, but they both think they’re playing it safe, since they haven’t met in person. But when Britta, literally and figuratively, takes a tumble, she comes face-to-face with Wes — who she has no idea is not only a coach but also the CEO of FitMe. They take their trainer-trainee relationship off the app to in-person at the gym, and before long, their friendship blooms into something more. Can they risk falling in love with both of their careers on the line?

    2. All the Feels

    by Olivia Dade

    After Alexander Woodroe — known for playing Cupid in TV's biggest hit, God of the Gates — makes headlines for getting into a bar fight, the showrunners hire a minder to keep him in line. Enter Lauren Clegg — an ER therapist and self-proclaimed harpy. Lauren moves into Alex's guesthouse, eats all his meals with him, and goes wherever he goes to keep him from getting into trouble. At first, 24 hours together is just a way to make a paycheck. But the more time they spend together, the more blurred the lines between professional and platonic — and, eventually, romantic — become.

    3. The Charm Offensive

    by Alison Cochrun

    After his public image takes a hit, tech genius Charlie Winshaw agrees to go on reality dating show Ever After. But Charlie isn’t really interested in finding love, and this comes across on camera. That’s where producer extraordinaire and hopeless romantic Dev Deshpande comes in. Dev starts working closely with Charlie to help him loosen up and connect with one of the 20 female contestants. But as they spend time together, they realize that the two of them have more chemistry with each other behind the scenes than Charlie has with anyone else on camera.

    4. The Dating Plan

    by Sara Desai

    For the most part, software engineer Daisy Patel has her life figured out...just not her love life, to the dismay of her family. To avoid their matchmaking schemes, she lies about being engaged. The problem is that her fake fiancé happens to be Liam Murphy, her childhood crush who broke her heart. She reluctantly asks him to go along with her scheme, and Liam agrees — a fiancé is exactly what he needs to fulfill the requirement in his grandfather's will and keep his brother from selling off the family distillery. Not to mention, he can convince Daisy to forgive him for how he treated her in the past and give him a second chance.

    5. Seven Days in June

    by Tia Williams

    Twenty years ago, Eva Mercy and Shane Hall were two tweens who fell madly in love in one whirlwind week. Now, Eva is a bestselling erotica writer and single mom, while Shane is a reclusive award-winning literary author. When the pair unexpectedly cross paths in New York, their chemistry bubbles to the well as buried heartbreak. Over the next seven days in Brooklyn, Eva and Shane reconnect. But instead of the intended closure, could they be opening the door for a future together?

    6. King of Battle and Blood

    by Scarlett St. Clair

    To end a yearslong war, Isolde de Lara is married to vampire king Adrian Aleksandr Vasiliev. But instead of a happy honeymoon, Isolde is expected to kill him. When her assassination attempt is thwarted, Adrian warns her that if she tries again, she’ll turn her into the thing she loathes most, a thing like him: a vampire. She does her best to find other ways to defy him, but in the process, she gets to know him. Though their chemistry is undeniable, there’s one thing that still has her stumped...why he chose her to be his consort in the first place.

    7. Second First Impressions

    by Sally Thorne

    Working at a retirement villa can age you, or at least that's the case for Ruthie Midona. When the twentysomething is teased by a hot stranger about her orthopedic shoes and pearls, she finally agrees to let her assistant help her rediscover her youth and get back into the dating scene. But the last thing she needs is that hot stranger — a tattoo artist named Teddy, who happens to be the new owner's son — moving into the villa and getting in the way. And not just moving into the villa, but in the neighboring apartment that shares her wall. What starts as too close for comfort slowly turns into a comfortable friendship teetering on the edge of more. But with the villa at risk of being sold and her beloved residents re-homed, Ruthie can't leave, and with a new business venture on the horizon, Teddy has no plans to stay. Surrounded by a cast of feisty, albeit old, characters, the two must figure out the balance between growing up and growing old without life passing you by.

    8. Hana Khan Carries On

    by Uzma Jalaluddin

    Sure, Hana Khan waits tables part time at the only halal restaurant in town, but what she really wants to do is tell stories on the radio. And if she outshines the other intern at the radio station, she just might have a shot to do that. Until then, she puts her heart and soul into her podcast, where she connects with listeners...or, rather, one in particular. But Hana's dreams take a backseat when a competing restaurant with a very attractive, somewhat familiar owner pops up, putting her job at risk. And then there's the arrival of her mysterious aunt and an attack on the neighborhood that complicates everything.

    9. The Seat Filler

    by Sariah Wilson

    Juliet Nolan is a professional dog groomer, but when her best friend asks for her help, she finds herself freelancing as a seat filler at some of Hollywood's biggest events. Not only does she never expect to get seated next to her childhood (and adult) obsession Noah Douglas, but she never expects for him to be an egotistical snob. To put him in his place, she lies and says she has no idea who he is...which Noah finds to be incredibly intriguing. Under the guise of grooming his dog, he reaches out, and soon the two find themselves in an unlikely friendship. Noah wants to be more than friends, and so does Juliet, but she has a huge phobia that's standing in her way. Noah offers to help her overcome her fear, and with a little work, the two might actually be able to have a future. But what's a future that's built on lies?

    10. Act Your Age, Eve Brown

    by Talia Hibbert

    After another failed attempt to get her life together, Eve Brown needs to try something new. On a drive to clear her head, she stumbles upon a quaint bed-and-breakfast and finds herself on a spontaneous job interview...with an obnoxious control freak. Being on the spectrum, Jacob Wayne likes to have everything just so, and that does not include the disorganized yet lively woman who waltzes into his B&B. But after an accident finds him unable to run his business, Eve steps in to help. After they continue to work (and live) together side by side, he learns that she's not such a mess after all, and in fact, they may have more in common than either of them realizes.

    11. Life's Too Short

    by Abby Jimenez

    Vanessa is all too familiar with how short life can be, so she's spent the last few years living it to the fullest: traveling around the world and vlogging about it to her millions of followers. But all that comes to a screeching halt when she finds herself living in a small apartment, suddenly responsible for a baby. After a night filled with screams and tears — from both her and the baby — her neighbor Adrian, a hot lawyer who owns the building, comes to her rescue. A friendship sparks between the two of them, and they find themselves playing house. Their pretending quickly turns real, but with Vanessa's future uncertain, the two are forced to learn a lesson about taking risks in life and love while you can.

    12. The Devil and the Heiress

    by Harper St. George

    American heiress Violet Crenshaw has no plans to marry. Instead, she wants to run away and become an author. In addition to being inspiration for one of Violet’s most sinful characters, Christian Halston is an earl who needs to marry for money to rebuild his estate. When the opportunity arises for him to escort the wealthy Violet north, he devises a plan to seduce her and convince her to marry him. But the more time he spends with her, the more he realizes he wants to marry not for money, but for love... He just needs to find a way to prove this to his (hopefully) bride-to-be.

    13. People We Meet on Vacation

    by Emily Henry

    Poppy and Alex are complete opposites with little in common, but when they met during their first year at college, they became fast friends. After graduating and going off to live in different parts of the country, the pair reunited every summer for over 10 years for a weeklong vacation — until they didn't. It's been two years since something ruined their friendship, but Poppy is determined to win Alex back. When she proposes a road trip and he surprisingly agrees, she knows that she has only one chance to restore their friendship. But will she risk it all for more?

    14. It Happened One Summer

    by Tessa Bailey

    When LA "It Girl" Piper Bellinger throws a party that lands her in jail, her stepfather temporarily banishes her to Westport, Washington — the fishing town her mother raised her in before her birth father died — to learn a lesson. With her loyal sister in tow, Piper arrives to a town full of locals who aren't impressed by her flashy fashion or number of Instagram followers...especially one local in particular. Widower and boat captain Brendan is a creature of habit, and the arrival of the too-beautiful Piper throws a wrench into his routines. Their relationship gets off to a rocky start, but quickly evolves into something neither of them saw coming...or want to let go of.

    15. While We Were Dating

    by Jasmine Guillory

    Ben Stephens doesn't have time for relationships, especially when he gets a career-changing opportunity to run an ad campaign featuring movie star Anna Gardiner. Their working banter quickly turns flirty and, when Ben shows up for Anna after a family emergency, they realize something serious is growing between them. But having a relationship in the spotlight isn't what the movies make it out to be, and Ben has to figure out if he wants to fade into the background or step up and be Anna's leading man.

    16. Isn't It Bromantic?

    by Lyssa Kay Adams

    When her Russian journalist father mysteriously disappeared, Elena Konnikova did the only thing she could think of to stay safe — she married her childhood friend Vladimir and moved to the United States, where he's a professional hockey player. Their marriage has always been one of convenience, but Vlad wants to make it very real. With the help of his Bromance Book Club — along with some neighbors and over-eager widows — Vlad does what he can to show Elena a love like the kind he reads about...and like the one he's secretly writing. But when Elena's past creeps back up, their whole future together is put on the line.

    17. If The Shoe Fits

    by Julie Murphy

    In this Cinderella retelling, Cindy is a recent graduate with a degree in shoe design. When she returns home, her stepmother — an executive producer for reality dating show Before Midnight — needs a last-minute contestant, and Cindy volunteers, thinking the publicity will help her launch her fashion career. But the audience isn't only focused on her fashionable footwear — Cindy is the first plus-size contestant the show has had, quickly becoming a body positivity icon for women all across the country. Cindy is so focused on this newfound responsibility, navigating being on a reality show, and trying to launch a career that love sneaks up on her. But will she get the fairytale ending?

    18. The Heart Principle

    by Helen Hoang

    First, violinist Anna Sun accidentally achieves career success but can't seem to replicate it. Then, her long-term boyfriend tells her he wants to try an open relationship before making a final commitment. Fed up and needing to let loose, Anna decides to have a string of one-night stands with the most ineligible men she can find. Enter, a tattooed, motorcyle-riding Quan Diep. He's the perfect candidate but during each of their attempts at a one-night stand, something goes wrong. Anna begins to wonder if maybe it's because she wants more with Quan than just the physical. But when tragedy strikes in her family, Anna has to figure out her own life before she can face her feelings for Quan head on.

    19. Portrait of a Scotsman

    by Evie Dunmore

    After aspiring artist and heiress Hattie Greenfield is caught in a compromising position with Lucian Blackstone, a darkly handsome and ruthless businessman, she's forced to be his bride in a marriage of convenience. Lucian has business and revenge on the brain, and no time for a wife with desire for romance or happily ever afters. When a sudden trip to Scotland puts them in closer proximity than they're used to, Lucian learns that his wife is more passionate, talented, and curious than he ever realized. Now he wants nothing more for his wife to fall in love with him, but a secret exposed threatens their future, forcing him to choose between love and revenge.

    20. The Love Hypothesis

    by Ali Hazelwood

    Ph.D. candidate Olive Smith doesn't believe in love...but her best friend does and won't get off her back about seeing someone. Olive tries to convince Anh that she's dating, but they're not buying it so Olive does the only thing she can think of — kisses the first man she sees. Unfortuantely, that man turns out to be Adam Carlsen, a cocky professor who she's not the biggest fan of. So, she's shocked when Adam agrees to play her fake boyfriend, all in the name of science, of course. But the "data" she collects while spending time with Adam is proving her love hypothesis wrong.

    21. One Last Stop

    by Casey McQuiston

    Cynical 23-year-old August was sure that New York was the perfect place to prove that there was no such thing as magic or grand romantic love stories. I mean, where’s the magic in having too many roommates and waiting tables, right? Wrong. During her subway commute one day, August spots Jane, a punk rocker with a leather jacket and swoonworthy smile. Now, riding the subway is the best part of August’s day. But then she discovers that Jane isn’t just a too-cool, stylish New Yorker — she’s literally been displaced from the 1970s. As August tries to help Jane, she realizes that maybe there’s such a thing as magic (and love) after all.

    22. Neon Gods

    by Katee Robert

    In this Greek mythology retelling, Persephone Dimitriou's dreams of fleeing the modern city of Olympus and the shady politics of the Thirteen Houses are dashed when her mother arranges an engagement to Zeus, the dangerous figure behind all the she hates. Out of options, Persephone flees to the city's dark underbelly and make's a deal with the devil...or close to it. Hades lives his life in the shadows and likes it that way. But when Persephone offers him a chance at revenge, he finds himself creeping into the light. Their arrangement brings the two of them closer than either of them imagined possible, and now Hades will do anything to keep her safe with him..even if it means going to war.

    23. The Ex Talk

    by Rachel Lynn Solomon

    In this rom-com debut, Rachel Lynn Solomon tells the story of Shay, a seasoned producer at a Seattle public radio station, and Dominic, the new guy fresh out of his master's program who's kind of a know-it-all. The pair hate each other; so when Shay's boss approves her idea of a new show where exes give relationship advice, they're made the new hosts. The only problem is...they aren't actually exes. When the show takes off, it becomes more and more difficult to hide their ruse, especially when their feelings of hate bloom into something more.

    24. The Lady Gets Lucky

    by Joanna Shupe

    Heiress Alice Lusk is tired of being perceived as a wallflower. If she doesn’t break out of her shell, she’ll never find a man to marry who’s interested in anything other than her fortune. So she decides to become an irresistible siren...but needs a little help to do it. She recruits the popular and handsome Kit Ward to teach her how to behave in the bedroom. In exchange, she’ll get him access to the chef he wants to hire for his somewhat shady supper club. But their “lessons” work a little too well, and soon every eligible bachelor has their eye on Alice...including Kit himself.

    25. The Soulmate Equation

    by Christina Lauren

    Data and statistics wizard Jess Davis puts her faith in numbers, not people. After all, aside from the grandparents who raised her, Jess has been abandoned by everyone — her mom, her dad, and her daughter's father. So obviously, she has no desire to risk her heart by dating. But when GeneticAlly, a DNA-based matchmaking company, hits the market, her interest is piqued. Unfortunately, she's matched with the company's founder, Dr. River Pena, whom she's met and cannot stand. Still, numbers don't lie, and the company offers her a proposition: pretend to be a happy couple for publicity and they'll pay her a pretty penny. Needing the money, she agrees and soon realizes that GeneticAlly may be better at matchmaking than she thought.