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    This Photo Of Bella Hadid Flipping Off The NYPD For Not Wearing Masks Has Over A Million Likes On Instagram

    "Masks are for all of our safety, not just yours."

    When it comes to health and safety, Bella Hadid is not holding back.

    Over the weekend, the 23-year-old model called out members of the NYPD for not wearing a mask, saying they looked "goofy."

    Bella Hadid standing on a street at night with her arms crossed wearing a mask, with three unmasked officers behind her in the distance

    "Hi @NYPD, masks are for all of our safety, not just yours," she captioned a pic of her giving the officers the middle finger.

    Bella Hadid wearing a mask posing for a photo while flipping off the camera with unmasked officers behind her
    Bella Hadid / Via Instagram: @

    Some tweeted criticism of her for flipping off the officers, though many fans have praised her actions.

    In a later post on Instagram, the soon-to-be-aunt wrote, "#WEARAMASK we wear masks to not only protect ourselves, but to protect our loved ones and our communities. Even if your local police force isn’t wearing them, doesn’t mean you don’t have to."

    "So...wear a mask. It’s cute and cool. They even have different colors now so you can protect and still have a passion for fashion. Be smart. Let’s go. Love you," she concluded.

    I think she made herself clear. So, listen to Bella and wear a mask!

    For more on the coronavirus and how to protect yourself and others, click here. And to purchase a face mask, click here!

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