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    Lily James And Amanda Seyfried Think The Next "Mamma Mia" Movie Should Have Time Travel And They're Not Wrong

    Mamma Mia 3: Sisterhood of the Time-Traveling Overalls.

    OBVIOUSLY, you know that Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again, aka the cinematic event OF THE CENTURY (excluding Mamma Mia of course), is premiering this weekend.

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    It's got Meryl, it's got Cher, it's got timeless vampire beauty Amanda Seyfried, and not to mention a soundtrack 👏 for 👏 the👏 ages 👏.

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    And how could I ever forget severely underrated (dancing) queen Christine Baranski?!?!

    But because I'm greedy and can never have too much of a good thing, I'm already thinking about the next Mamma Mia movie, and luckily other people are too.

    During an interview with BUILD Series, a fan asked Lily James and Amanda Seyfried what they thought the plot should be if they ever made a Mamma Mia 3.

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    (If they don't make another Mamma Mia film I'll cut a B.)

    First, Lily joked that it should be Mamma Mia 3: The DNA Test, with Maury Povich making a guest appearance, which like, I would still watch TBQH.

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    Amanda answered that she "would love to work with Lily in the next one, which would be ridiculous because it wouldn’t make sense..."

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    Amanda plays Donna's daughter Sophie, and Lily plays a young Donna so they basically never get any screen time together.

    But then that's when Lily SAID THIS:

    You know, I always thought a really cool wish would be to be friends with your parents when they were young. So how cool if you could like, come back? We could be friends in the '70s as mother and daughter... like Back to the Future!



    I can see it now! Amanda Seyfried aka Donna Jr. is being her fabulous self on her Grecian island when she comes across an old chest of her mother's aka, Donna Sr.

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    Then she opens it and BAM, finds her mom's favorite pair of overalls. She ~dons~ them (see what I did there) and, while humming one of the Dynamo's classic tunes, is transported to the '70s where she befriends her mother!!!!!

    Jonathan Prime

    ^^^These are the ones!!!

    Cinematic gold?? HECK. YES. Now all we need to figure out is who's gonna play Ruby, aka Donna's mom, aka Sophie's grandma, aka CHER!

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    JK, she'll obviously be played by Lady Gaga.

    What we do need to figure out is a title! What would you call a time traveling Mamma Mia sequel? Tell us in the comments!

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