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    Alicia Keys Revealed That "If I Ain't Got You" Was Almost A Christina Aguilera Song And IDK How To Feel

    Hold on a minute...

    I think we can all agree that Alicia Keys is a music icon. From "Fallin'" to "Girl On Fire," to "My Boo," the singer-songwriter has hit after hit.

    Alicia Keys smiling

    But when I think of ~quintessential~ Alicia Keys my mind immediately goes to her 2004 chart-topper, "If I Ain't Got You."

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    So imagine my shock when I found out Alicia almost gave that song to another one of my faves, Ms. Christina Aguilera.

    Christina Aguilera on a red carpet

    While discussing the release of her new self-titled album with Stereogum, the 15-time Grammy winner revealed, “There’s a really funny, amazing story around this song."

    Alicia Keys wearing a hat and smiling

    "I think we were on the same label at the time. [Christina] reached out and was like, ‘Would you write something for me?’...What a voice! I know I could write something fire for her."

    Christina Aguilera on a red carpet

    "So time passed and I hadn’t written the song yet," she continued. "And [the label] was like, 'Do you have anything for Christina?’ I remember I had just recently written 'If I Ain’t Got You.'"

    Alicia Keys playing the piano

    “I told my A&R at the time, ‘Let’s play her 'If I Ain’t Got You.'' He said, 'Are you fucking crazy? We’re not giving her that song. Are you out your mind?’ I was like, ‘Why not? I’ll write a hundred more of those, it’s fine. I think she should hear it. I don’t really think it’s a big deal.’"

    Alicia Keys giving a speech on stage

    "But I thought, ‘Fine, I’ll go write another song,’" she continued. "So I went off and wrote Impossible. I went to cut it with her and I love how she sounded on it. It was such a cool vibe for us to be able to work together during those times."

    "But I will never forget that I would have given away 'If I Ain’t Got You.' Isn’t that crazy? So that’s a good story."

    Honestly, Alicia, it is crazy!! I mean, I'm not gonna lie — a Christina Aguilera version of 'If I Ain't Got You' would completely obliterate my life (in a good way, obvs). And if she wanted to do a cover (hint, hint) I would be all ears.

    That being said, everything means nothing, if I ain't got you = me, to the Alicia Keys version of this song.

    Alicia Keys singing in "If I Ain't Got You" music video