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    Serena Williams Got Her Life Eating The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich And The Photos Are Hilariously Relatable

    "Have I known life before this day?!"

    Two years ago today, Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams got married and became my forever OTP, dream celebrity couple.

    And both Serena...

    ...and Alexis shared sweet tributes to each other on Instagram in honor of their big day.

    But we all know that it's the gift, and not the thought, that counts. (That's how that saying goes, right?)

    Instagram: serenawilliams

    And what did Alexis get his bride for their second wedding anniversary? The now-famous Popeyes Chicken Sandwich!

    Instagram: serenawilliams

    I hereby nominate this man for Husband of the Year.

    In a video posted to her Insta Story, Serena asks her husband, "How was your experience?" "It was great, uh, they are out of pickles though," he replies. And, she was not pleased. NOT PLEASED!!

    Instagram: serenawilliams

    "How they gonna be out of pickles? No pickles?! Really, no pickles?"

    She searched her sandwich high and low and, still, no pickles.

    Instagram: serenawilliams

    "I'll eat it, I'll eat it, but..." she said.

    Ultimately, a few missing pickles weren't enough to stand between the tennis champ and her sando.

    Instagram: serenawilliams

    And ladies and gentleman...

    SHE πŸ‘

    Instagram: serenawilliams

    LOVED πŸ‘

    Instagram: serenawilliams

    IT πŸ‘.

    Instagram: serenawilliams

    Like, seriously loved it. It was so-good-gotta-close-your-eyes-and-thank-the-lord good!!

    Instagram: serenawilliams

    "Have I known life before this day?" she asked her followers. And honestly, probably not. You heard it here first, kids. The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is life!!

    Instagram: serenawilliams

    She's seriously hooked.

    Instagram: serenawilliams

    I can't wait to see the real gift he got Serena!

    A couple who eats Popeyes together, stays together.

    Happy Anniversary, you two!!

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