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    Honestly, Alec Baldwin May Have Missed His Calling As A Politician Because This Promo Is Hilarious

    The guy sure knows how to pull off a wig.

    Alec Baldwin's SNL impression of Donald Trump has helped the show reach its best ratings in over five years and we know why. It's because he's fucking hilarious.


    News broke earlier this week that Baldwin would reprise his role as President Trump for the show's 43rd season in the fall.

    In the meantime, however, the 30 Rock-alum has been gearing up for his upcoming tribute special/roast One Night Only with Alec Baldwin.

    Join us as we celebrate the 30 year career of the "Commander in Chief of Comedy" with #OneNightOnly: @AlecBaldwin,…

    The celebration took place last Sunday, June 25th, but the taping will air on Spike on July 9th!

    Baldwin recently did a promo to get the word out about the event...only he didn't look quite like himself.


    The video, which debuted on Entertainment Weekly's website, showcases Baldwin as a George Washington/Donald Trump crossover and it is GLORIOUS.

    Prez Trumpenstine (Gonald? Washump? Trumpington?) takes the time to clear the air on some old historical drama and make a few things crystal clear. Like for one thing, he's the OG and don't you forget it.


    "Hello, everyone. It's me, George Washington, the guy who made America great the first time."

    Second? Despite popular belief, humble winners do exist.


    "I grabbed so much freedom from those British losers. When you're the President they let you do it, ok?"

    Third? Fake news has been around since the beginning and it started with the French.


    "The press is saying the French interfered, ok, but that's fake news!"

    But, that doesn't mean he's bashing the French! After all, they gave him his greatest gift...


    "The only thing I got from the French is my kissing, which I should mention is quite impressive."

    And lastly, the camera adds ten pounds to everything except your hands.

    Spike / Via Spike

    "These only look small because my hands are huge. They're so incredibly huge, ok?"

    Maybe Baldwin should do Lincoln next, now that Daniel Day-Lewis has retired. Just saying.


    H/T Entertainment Weekly

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