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19 Stages Of Being Single, As Told By Anna Kendrick

We've all struggled with the single life.

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1. When you first get out of a relationship, but don't care because it's their loss.

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2. You go out with your friends and everything is going great.

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3. But then, all of your friends start seeing someone.

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4. And everyone you know starts announcing their engagement on Facebook.

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5. And you constantly have to remind people that you're there when you're third wheeling.

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6. So you start to feel very alone.

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7. You sulk for a bit and decide that Netflix is all you need.

8. Your friends start to worry about you.

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9. And they don't understand why you're still single.

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10. You want to channel all your energy into getting your revenge bod... but it's harder than you thought.

11. So, you decide to focus on your career instead.

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12. When that doesn't cut it, you vow to give up men all together.

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13. Buuuuuuut the thirst gets so real that you begin to lose sight of the important things.

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14. So you hit the online dating circuit, but forgot how to have fun.

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15. You consider getting back with an ex...

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16. ...but you talk yourself out of it.

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17. You somehow manage to regain your cool...

18. ...and realize that you're awesome no matter what, quirks and all.

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19. So when you're finally ready to get back out there, you're at the top of your game.

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