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Painting Squirrel

A little handicap squirrel who was rescued by her owner artist Ugly Shyla has learned to paint!

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Winkelhimer Smith the painting squirrel doing what she does best.Her video has gotten almost 70k hits!


Meet Winkelhimer the painting Squirrel. Winkelhimer is a rescued squirrel that mimics the artist who saved her life.

"I paint dolls and jewelry and she just watches me all day long. They are very intelligent animals," said Ugly Shyla.

It was back in early May that Shyla rescued Winkelhimer when she was about six weeks old.

"I was watching her from the kitchen window crawl down the tree. Then I saw a cat attack her. I rushed out there to help her. One of her front legs was messed up pretty bad. I put her in a little box on the porch to make her comfortable because I didn't think she would make it through the night," recalled Shyla.

After a lot of tender love and care Winkelhimer pulled through and is now part of the family.

"Oh, I love her. She is my little baby," said Shyla.

Now she's painting abstract works of art that have been auctioned off.

"She's a natural. She loves yellow and blue of course because she looks at my blue hair all the time," said Shyla. "She's really good at manipulating the paint brush with her good front leg and mouth. She still can't do a lot with her arm that was hurt."

Winkelhimer is also a YouTube sensation. Video posted on the site has gone viral with more than 40,000 hits. Watch the video [CLICK HERE]

According to Shyla Winkelhimer loves the attention - "I have a little diva squirrel."

Some of her work has fetched $40 at auction. That money goes to help other animals and people in need.

"We also rescue and take in a lot of other animals so the money goes to that and sometimes is I have a friends that are sick or ill or in a bind - I'll give them some of Winkelhimer's painting money. She's a very charitable little squirrel," said Shyla.

Like any artist as long as the inspiration keeps coming, Winkelhimer will keep painting.

To follow Winkelhimer on facebook and twitter click on the link below.

Winkelhimer on Facebook

Winkelhimer Twitter

Winkelhimer on wordpress

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