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The Perfect Father's Day Gift, According To Kids

Looking for the perfect gift this Father’s Day? We asked the experts to give us tips.

"The Seattle football team."

—Maya, 3 (Dad is a Denver fan)

"A special cup and a special plate."

—Margo, 4

"A new SUV, and its name is Betty."

—Anna, 5

"The biggest TV that only plays baseball."

—Alex, 5

"A pile of peanut butter and a tummy rub."

—David, 3

My dad deserves a big kiss, a box of chocolates, and a day on the golf course!"

- Katie, 8

"For him to drink all of his drinks out of a glass boot."

—John, 3

"The world's biggest doughnuts that you can sleep on."

—Adelyn, 6

"Ringo Starr."

—Marissa, 4

"An appropriate pair of pants."

—Gabriella, 6

"A solid-gold garbage can."

—Rex, 5

"For Father's Day gift, I want to get him a magic ring for when we play hide-and-seek."

—Chaen, 3

"Two dogs, three kitties, four birds, and a bunny."

—Miles, 4

"He deserves a huge big hug."

—Audrey, 6

"A whole week of me not fighting with my brothers!"

—Brady, 7

"My dad loves how soft my striped pajama pants know! We should get him striped pajama pants like me...but more medium-sized."

—Henry, 3 1/2

"A candy salad."

—Jamie, 4

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