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11 Awesome Father’s Day Gifts For Brand-New Dads

Some dads are learning this whole "dad" thing for the first time! Celebrate all dads this Father's Day and make their memories last with a personalized gift from Shutterfly.

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6. Everything he really needs to know about daddyhood:

Let's be real: He's not going to read every parenting book he's given. But this handy guide talks about scenarios he'll totally relate to, like how to change a baby at a packed sports stadium and not fall asleep at work!

11. And an instrument to make him the most popular dad around:

Nothing soothes a baby or entertains a toddler like a little strumming on the guitar! Get Dad a few lessons to go with it, and you'll ensure a happy dad and kid -- and bonding between them for years to come. 🎸 😊