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    Posted on Nov 7, 2017

    There's Such A Thing As A Fried Chicken Bath Bomb Because That's The World We Live In Now

    Booking a ticket to Tokyo, brb.

    If you happen to live in Japan, then you have exclusive access to KFC's new fried chicken bath bomb. Lucky you!

    Shunsuke Mori / BuzzFeed

    The bath bombs are the result of a collaboration between KFC and a Japanese gift shop called Village Vanguard, and were given out to 1,500 twitter users by KFC in Japan.

    The team at BuzzFeed Japan managed to get their hands on one, just to see what life is like when you live your life smelling like eleven herbs and spices.

    When they first opened the box, they were greeted by what appeared to be a piece of fried chicken. No surprises there.

    Shunsuke Mori / BuzzFeed

    And other than the obvious seam (which is a dead giveaway), it looked like a classic drumstick you can find at any KFC restaurant.😂

    スマホの人は「GIF」マークをタップしてね! Shunsuke Mori / BuzzFeed

    It certainly didn't look like any bath bomb they'd ever seen before.

    Time to drop it into the bath and see what happens.

    Shunsuke Mori / BuzzFeed

    There was some real hesitation to drop it in the tub, both because it seemed too unique to destroy, and because of some concern over what it'd make the bathroom smell like.

    But you can't make an omelette without dissolving a few fried chicken bath bomb, as the saying goes.

    スマホの人は「GIF」マークをタップしてね! Shunsuke Mori / BuzzFeed

    In an unusually life-like detail, the bath bomb actually resembles a piece of chicken in a deep fryer.

    スマホの人は「GIF」マークをタップしてね! Shunsuke Mori / BuzzFeed

    As it dissolved, the bubbles rushing to the surface made it look like a piece of fried chicken in oil. It's almost like they designed it that way.

    Now the most important part. I'm sure you're wondering, "what does it smell like?"

    "It smells like chemicals or something."

    フライドチキンの入浴剤と告げただけで嫌な顔をされてしまいました。ごめんなさい。 Shunsuke Mori / BuzzFeed

    "I can't really tell what it smells like. It's got a chemical smell that I don't think I like very much."

    Which is kind of spot on. It doesn't really smell like anything natural, but it's not like it smells bad or anything.

    "Smells great! It smells like an American drink."

    Shunsuke Mori / BuzzFeed

    "It smells like some kind of highly-diluted juice they drink in the US."

    Also true! It's got a sort of sweet smell that was really hard to place. Sadly, the campaign seems to only be happening in Japan, so folks overseas will never be able to figure it out for themselves. Unless you're willing to fly to Japan for a KFC fried chicken bath bomb, that is.

    This post was translated from Japanese.

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