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    13 Signs You Were Born And Raised In Azerbaijan

    Stereotypes of people from Azerbaijan

    1. You get professional photo shoots for every small event you celebrate

    2. If you own a car, you definitely have 76386 photos of it at either AzNeft Square or at Dagustu Park

    3. If your husband doesn't allow you to use Instagram, he still lets you open an account with every family member's name combined in one username. That sure makes a difference.

    4. If you have guests at home and tell you they are full, that doesn't mean anything. They still have to eat everything you have made.

    5. You don't provide an address to people. You just ask your guest to meet your driver in front of a known place (bus station, store) and follow him to your location.

    6. You spend so much time and money to get into a good university, and then spend as much money to not attend the classes.

    7. You girls all have at least one picture like this.

    ...and guys like this.

    8. If a guy really likes you, he will wait for you in front of your school standing next to his car for couple months before he actually approaches to talk to you.

    9. If there is a 1 square inch empty space on guests' tables at your wedding, your wedding sucks, and you are starving the guests.

    10. You will never be alone when you are at an ATM. People will stand right behind you looking at the screen to make you uncomfortable.

    11. If you are in a relationship, you don't expect him to propose because you already know he will marry you. Otherwise, why the hell would you be with him right?!

    12. If you look pretty, you will most likely get these looks from guys on the streets:

    13. This is what the majority of tables look like at any place you hangout.

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