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    • shrutip

      I’m rarely one to be up in arms when questionable advertising or other media accost my eyeballs, as well as my humanism and equity-seeking sensibilities. But, since we’re getting up in arms, let’s doadouble take on why:  Yes, all the men in the line up were black, and we’ve spoken at length about why that’s problematic. And yet, out of the nearly 30 comments I’ve seen, only one even mentions the sight of the brutalized woman seeing the line up. Not only is she, physically,amess, she is clearly distraught after what we are led to believe isarape, andatraumatic and painful event in her life. And we’re supposed to laugh… …And, after all that, Dr. Boyce Watkins of Your Black World can focus only on the light this puts black men in.Inever want to see black men represented as monsters, but come on, of all people,abrother should see the need to stand by sisters — and say, just like caricatures of black men, rape is not funny!

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