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Hot Guy Newsletter 12

Happiness is -- new season of Broadchurch. Sadness is -- final season, so no more TenMan. :-(

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March 8 was International Woman's Day, and women in the US of A and Europe basically went on strike in a bid to get those damn men to finally, FINALLY realise they owe every damn thing to us.

New Zealand isn't perfect, but we do have a pretty good deal here, all things considered, but I feel like we need to do something in solidarity with our sisters all over the world, and what better way than to objectify men?


[We're already off to a good start if you got the above reference. 'Allons-y' is French for 'Let's Go' and was (Dr) 10's catchphrase in Dr Who, and who played 10? Ten...nant, the first feature of this publication.]

There are literally so many great things about Broadchurch, but along with the fabulous coupling of David Tennant and Olivia Colman, shared equal would have to go to Tennant getting to keep his natural Scottish accent.

You'll know how much I love a good accent and equally how much I despise when a solid natural accent is mangled in favour of a forced American accent.

No, yeah, I despite it even more.

BRB, still fuming over Jamie Dornan's losing his lovely Irish lilt and facial hair to play Christian Grey in 50 Shades.

As if Gracepoint, the American Broadchurch remake isn't bizarre enough for the fact it's basically a carbon copy of the original -- like, literally, shot by shot, scene by scene, just with different faces and accents and a softer ending, from what I've read -- they hired David to reprise the role he originated and then made him talk like a basic-ass Yank.

That agressive Scottish accent is perfect for the hardness of the aptly named Hardy (in the American version, he goes as Emmett Carver -- lame). Besides this, he makes me weak at the knees every time he says 'For God's sake, Miller!'


On the mountain that is the shows that have left me behind over the years sits The Vampire Diaries -- similar to Riverdale -- if not slighty more complicated -- in its teen-drama vibe and similar to Supernatural in the unfaltering casting of beautiful people who die over and over again without actually ever dying.

Anyone who says Twilight made vampires sexy needs to slap themselves, because, no, TVD did it for real.

Chris Wood does not play a vampire but a siphoner.


If you're thinking that his cheeky grin looks a teeny bit evil, you'd be bang on the money.

Kai is one shady mofo -- born without innate magical ability, his cool party trick is that he can siphon magic from other sources, including people, which he does... often... in terrible and violent ways.

Chris Wood then shows up again in Containment (2016) as a bad-boy-turned-cop who gets stuck inside a quarantine zone. Cue plot points that involved him being adorable with small children.

...and Sadists, oh my!

Coming back to Jamie Dornan (I will always come back to Jamie Dornan), here he is being his beautiful self, speaking with his beautiful accent (and other, funnier ones) in this week's throwback Fallon Fever, sporting a lovely bit of foliage and, along with Jimmy -- natch -- being charming, saucy and hilarious all at once.

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Until next time, yours in Hot Guy Appreciation,


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