16 Things That Can And Will Happen To Every College Freshman

So you’re about to start your freshman year of college. Bags are packed, and you’ve certainly been subjected to lectures about “what to expect” from your parents. Here are 16 things they might not tell you:

1. 1. You will eat 3 Taco Bell Crunchwraps in one sitting

Especially if they accept campus currency.

2. 2. You might gag just from walking into the school cafeteria

Tuna salad day again? Greeeeat…..

3. 3. A fight will break out with your new roommate

Oh you didn’t like sharing a room with your sibling? You’re going to love this stranger.

4. 4. Bombing a test is inevitable

It happens to everyone. Use it as motivation for the next one.

5. 5. The ‘Freshman 15’

Don’t believe the myth, a lot of people lose it. This makes Thanksgiving at home the best guessing game.

6. 6. You’ll get invited to more parties than you know what to do with

But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. There’ll always be another rager, but there won’t always be another midterm to study for.

7. 7. You will regret thinking 8am classes are a good idea

“I got up even earlier for high school, so that’ll be cake!” Ha. haha. bahahahahaha.

8. 8. Engaging in a “floormance”

AKA romances with someone that lives on your floor. You know what’s worse than breaking up? Breaking up then seeing that person every day.

9. 9. Your orientation friends will drift apart

So don’t latch on to the first person who gives you the time of day. Get out there, meet people!

10. 10. But your real friends will have your back

Being away from home, college friends become your surrogate family. Except this family will fully support your impromptu tattoo and/or piercing idea.

11. 11. Intramural teams are a must

Speaking of making friends, this is the quickest way to meet people with similar interests. Especially with apps like REC*IT.

12. 12. You will get homesick

“WHAT!? NEVER!” But actually, turns out it’s hard to beat free food and laundry service.

13. 13. You will become nocturnal at some point during the first semester

Party, study - whatever the case, naps during the day will become your NEW BFF.

14. 14. You will go bankrupt after buying textbooks

Via her.ie

But… I was saving that money for alcohol *ahem* food…

15. 15. You will end up in a class that has nothing to do with your major

Sure, the textbook was expensive and the credits won’t be applicable to my degree, but this is FUN! (right?)

16. 16. The true meaning of ‘self-motivation’ will reveal itself

You’re not going to have parents and teachers breathing down your neck for assignments. It’s all on you! So get out there, make mistakes (but always learn from them), and have fun!

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