I'm an Economics Professor. During my free time, I enjoy playing chess & keeping up my electronics review blog.
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  • Aerospace Linear Actuators: Uses And Applications

    A linear actuator takes energy input in a rotary form and converts it to a straight-line output to perform motion functions. The simplest example of a linear actuator is a common automotive scissors jack. Cranking the rotary handle clockwise turns a screw that pushes a drive nut, expanding the scissors and causing the jack to rise in an upwards linear direction. Cranking counter-clockwise moves it straight back down.

  • Why Every Rock Musician Should Have Elvis Presley Sheet Music

    Who do people most associate with the term “Rock and Roll?” If you are like millions of music lovers around the world, your answer is likely Elvis Presley. Known to his fans as “The King of Rock and Roll,” Elvis took the world by storm during the 1950’s and 1960’s, when rock and roll first made its explosive debut. Teenage girls swooned, and even fainted at the sight and sound of Elvis Presley, while their parents feared for their children’s mortal souls. His sultry voice and gyrating hips quickly earned him the nickname “Elvis the Pelvis,” and the whole world fell in love.

  • Color Your World With Designer Dresses

    Fall is beckoning us, making it just the right kind of weather to let go of our personal inhabitations and delve deep into the world of exuberant, vibrant colors. While there is a time and place for going the predictable way by wearing black and white to put forth a typically demure look, colors can, and should be used strategically to create the elusive wow factor. Here are four colorful designer dresses that can never go wrong:

  • A Day in the Life of an Insurance Wholesaler

    As an independent insurance agent, it can be a tough to compete with big corporate companies, but there are some advantages that make your smaller insurance providers more marketable to the customer than a large insurance provider. The main advantage to being an independent insurance agent is the variety of companies and plans you can offer to your clients.

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