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    27 Vibrant Home Decor Items That Will Add A Desi Touch To Your Home This Festive Season

    Let's get festive!

    1. A set of elephant and peacock-shaped tealight holders that are basically essential to the festive season - ₹716

    2. A hand-painted aluminium kettle that'll end up being the show-stopper because of how difficult it will be to take your eyes off of it - ₹890

    A handpainted kettle

    3. A colourful cotton rug to add some new energy to your plain old white floors - ₹410

    4. A pretty painting that will make your walls seem less bare and more festive - ₹349

    A Rajasthani painting

    5. A set of handpainted terracotta Warli & Madhubani pots that you can place on even the plainest shelf in your home to spruce up the place - ₹1,918

    A set of pots

    6. A handmade patchwork mudda that's not only useful but also really vibrant - ₹519

    A mudda

    7. A decorative pot that you can use for flowers or even floating candles to make them look extra magical - ₹799

    A decorative pot with flowers in it

    8. An adorable terracotta fish wall-hanging that will make you smile every time you see them - ₹999

    A fish wall hanging

    9. A rustic brass incense holder that will make your home look and smell amazing - ₹1,190

    10. An elegant wall clock that will make you realise things could've looked so much better this whole time - ₹622

    A colourful wall clock

    11. A set of handpainted terracotta tealight holders that'll cast beautiful flowery shadows on your walls - ₹1,799

    Terracotta tealight holder

    12. A royal red and gold Banarasi silk table runner to fancy up your dinner table for your family festive dinners - ₹629

    A red and gold table runner

    13. A terracotta wall hanging that'll end up adding a subtle yet noticeable difference to your living room - ₹299

    A wall hanging

    14. A set of 3 Rajasthani musician showpieces that will add a more positive vibe to your living room - ₹2,450

    Rajasthani musician showpiece

    15. A Meenakari vase that doesn't even need flowers to add to its beauty - ₹1,051

    A painted vase

    16. A set of dancing couple figurines that will surely make you want to dance along with them - ₹949

    A dancing couple figurine

    17. A terracotta Warli & Madubhani jute lamp to even give your bedroom a festive makeover - ₹1,625

    18. A set of jute throw cushion covers that will make your white sofas shine through on this festive season - ₹379

    A set of cushion covers on a sofa

    19. Or if you prefer a more understated royal look, get these dupion silk cushion covers - ₹429

    A set of cushion covers

    20. A Warli painting that will impress basically anyone who enters your home - ₹416

    A Warli painting

    21. A handmade recycled Rajasthani puppet figurine with a diya/tealight holder is basically the most festive thing you can get - ₹210

    A Rajasthani puppet candle holder

    22. And for double impact, you can place it in this eye-catching wooden jharokha - ₹549

    A colourful wooden jharokha

    23. A balcony lamp that you can hang up instead of LED lights to give an ethnic spin to your decor - ₹1,349

    A balcony lamp

    24. A colourful handpainted elephant mini-table that you can use for anything from your plants to serving snacks - ₹899

    An elephant side table

    25. A set of blue pottery tiles that you can add to basically any surface for a more ethnic look - ₹499

    Blue pottery tiles

    26. A set of 5 umbrellas that you can add to different rooms for a unique burst of colour - ₹999

    A set of umbrellas

    27. And finally, you can get really pumped for the festive season with this Warli pen holder that'll give you something to look forward to as you work - ₹425