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15 Useful Products That'll Make You Go, "How Have I Functioned Without You This Whole Time?"

All of these are under ₹1,000 and you'll use most of them every day!

1. A set of charger cable protectors that will make you go, "There was a way to prevent that split this whole time? I could have saved so much money." - ₹149

2. A flexible phone and tablet holder that will prevent you from having to hold a heavy device in your hand during your binge-watching - ₹599

Flexible phone and tablet holder

3. A pair of anti-cut gloves that will help you channel some of your mom's fearless confidence while meal-prepping the vegetables - ₹319

4. A pair of 4.5-star rated no-tie shoelaces that will help you accomplish those 2022 fitness goals without having to check your shoelaces every 5 minutes - ₹549

5. A magnifying mirror that will help you see your face better so you can apply your makeup in a more efficient manner without having to lean in to a point where you think your makeup will smudge on the mirror - ₹625

6. A seat gap filler so you don't have to start thinking about how you're going to move an entire car seat every time you drop your phone through the gap - ₹179

Seat gap filler

7. A set of bag sealers so you won't have to force yourself to finish those bag of chips because they'll lose their crispness if you don't - ₹80

Bag sealers

8. A wire bin to hide all your mess of wires from your desk so you don't have to live in constant fear that you'll end up knocking over your glass of water over your laptop - ₹799

9. An Ikea microwave splatter cover that will prevent you from making a giant mess of your most-used appliance - ₹188

Ikea splatter cover

10. A pack of moisture absorbers that are useful for old houses and humid places like Mumbai since they'll prevent your walls from getting mouldy and get rid of musty smells - ₹314

Moisture absorbers

11. A kitchen sink drain that comes with a handle so you won't have to touch the old, wet food that's been sitting in the drain for the entire day - ₹299

12. A microwave cooker that you can use to cook anything from dhokla, rice, and idli or to even steam vegetables for when you're feeling too sluggish from all the food you've ordered in - ₹500

Rice cooker

13. A wood polisher so you can make your old furniture look brand new with minimal effort and money - ₹210

14. A clip-on reading light so you can comfortably read at night without having to squint or constantly adjust yourself so you can be in the light range - ₹1,095

Clip-on reading light attached to a book

15. And finally, a set of Command picture hanging strips so you can easily hang stuff up without having to drill them in - ₹199