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    18 Useful Products That’ll Help You Do Everyday Things Better

    Things could've been so much better this whole time?!

    1. An electric toothbrush that will do a much better job of taking care of your teeth than you can muster early morning when you just wanna crawl back into bed - ₹849

    2. An extendable phone/tablet holder so you can watch your favourite new series without having to put off your everyday chores which your mom will yell at you for - ₹599

    3. A set of Command picture hanging strips that will help you hang up pictures of your family/dog/k-pop group without having to bring out a kind of intimidating hammer. It's also great for rented homes since it won't leave a mark on the walls! - ₹238

    4. A 3-in-1 moisture meter for your plants that will help you determine if they're getting enough light, water and if their pH levels are just right so you're not leading them to their deaths like you always do - ₹599

    5. If 60% of your time in the kitchen consists of trying to identify various ingredients until eventually just guessing and hoping for the best, get these chalkboard stickers that will solve the problem once and for all - ₹199

    6. A beard shaping tool that'll make it so much easier to groom yourself at home without worrying if you've messed it all up the entire time - ₹275

    A beard shaping tool being used by a man

    7. A handy vegetable chopper that will honestly save you so much prep time in the kitchen. You can use it to chop, slice, dice, peel, and grate vegetables with a flick of your wrist - ₹539

    A green vegetable chopping tool

    8. A clothes folding board for people who just mold their clothes into a weird shape until they look like they've been folded, but really they haven't - ₹699

    A blue clothes folding board with a black t-shirt in it

    9. An automatic pet water dispenser that will make sure your pet is always hydrated and happy - ₹659

    Pet water dispenser

    10. A pair of no-tie shoelaces that will take away the constant fear of your shoelaces coming undone because you forgot to tie them properly when you were running late - ₹549

    A pair of green no-tie shoelaces on a black shoe

    11. If you're trying to increase your water intake in 2021, you can do it so much more efficiently with this marked water bottle - ₹575

    A plastic marked water bottle

    12. A sheet suspender that will not only make the whole process of making your bed a lot easier but also keep them in place so you won't have to constantly tuck them in - ₹449

    A sheet suspender on a green bedsheet

    13. A rice cooker that will make meal-prepping a lot better, you can make your rice in bulk and store them in containers so you're not always tempted to order out because you're feeling lazy - ₹1,802

    A rice cooker

    14. A facemask applicator kit that will make your self-care day feel so much more professional since you'll be able to evenly apply your face mask. It'll also save you from questioning whether or not you should have your dinner in that bowl you used for this - ₹190

    A pink facemask applicator kit

    15. If you're tired of scrubbing your face until it hurts to get your makeup off, get this Garnier micellar cleansing water that will do it so much quicker so you can just crawl into bed - ₹122

    16. A stainless steel drain cover that will prevent your drains from getting clogged and also make the process of cleaning the food bits a lot less gross - ₹199

    A stainless steel drain cover

    17. A pack of bag sealing clips that will keep your food fresher for much longer, you'll no longer have to maneuver your food packets in weird shapes to make sure the rubber band covers them - ₹99

    A woman using the bag sealing clips on fruits

    18. And finally, a set of easy to pop silicone ice cube trays that will make you struggle less when you're trying to enjoy a cold drink. They're also stackable so they'll save you some space in the fridge - ₹299

    A cold drink next to stackable silicone trays