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    15 Small But Insanely Adorable Valentine's Gift Ideas That Will Melt Their Heart

    Be prepared to hear "awww" for 2 minutes straight.

    1. A pair of ghost salt and pepper shakers that hug out their differences because love is more important to them - ₹389

    2. A canvas tote bag for someone who is environmentally conscious and just loves to hoard adorable things in general - ₹399

    A dark blue tote bag with a hedgehog print

    3. A cute little tortoise planter that might actually remind them to water their plants - ₹599

    A tortoise planter

    4. A unique Alice in Wonderland themed planter that will make any bibliophile go, "It's all I've ever wanted." - ₹795

    A teal planter that says "Grow Dammit"

    5. A heart mug which will remind them you love them every single day - ₹487

    6. If they're obsessed with the sun, the stars and all that jazz, they'll love this adorable zodiac sign themed sipper mug - ₹235

    A Zodiac sipper on a table

    7. Speaking of cats, they'll also really adore this LED colour-changing lamp that'll remind them that cats (and you) will always be there for them in their dark times - ₹966

    A hand holding a cat lamp

    8. A grumpy Batman bobblehead that's also a phone holder so it accurately represents their expression when they keep getting spammy text messages - ₹497

    A Batman bobble head phone holder

    9. A talking figurine of the Good Advice Cupcake that will give them positive affirmations on a daily basis - ₹855

    A Good Advice cupcake with the flip book

    10. A minimalistic wallet with ample storage that they'll use every day - ₹453

    11. A pair of these snuggly unicorn slippers that are a super-safe gift option - ₹999

    12. A magical Harry Potter music box that plays Hedwig's Theme to transport them back to Hogwarts (preferably not by Arthur Weasley's flying car) - ₹520

    A wooden box with music playing in it

    13. A mini cat bag that they'll take with them everywhere they go because of how compact and pretty it is - ₹349

    A mini cat bag on a table

    14. A Groot flower pot/pen holder that'll light up their desk and make it less annoying to work - ₹284

    A Groot flower pot with a plant in it

    15. If you've both been obsessing over how cute Baby Yoda is, the most perfect gift for them would be this plushie that they'll literally never want to take their eyes off of - ₹1,424

    A hand holding A Baby Yoda plushie