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    18 Refreshing Breakfast Food Items For People Who Are Bored Of Eating The Same Thing

    These might just get you up and out of bed with a smile.

    1. Lather on some of this thick Biscoff spread to your everyday piece of toast to give it a nice caramelised flavour that you'll crave all day long - ₹699

    A knife applying the spread on a piece of toast next to the jar of Biscoff spread

    2. You might get this dark chocolate and orange peel muesli with the intention of having it for your breakfast but you'll most likely find yourself digging your hands into the pack at midnight - ₹460 (pack of 2)

    3. If you're looking for a quick and easy breakfast that's also pretty unique, you should try out these oodles that are ring-shaped maida-free noodles - ₹72

    4. There's nothing that'll get you out of bed like some hearty chocolate and oats pancakes - ₹250

    Packet of the Belgian chocolate pancakes next to the pancakes on a plate with chocolate being dripped over them

    5. Kick up the flavour profile of your sandwiches by a notch using these savoury spreads - ₹178

    A bottle of 'Thousand Island' sandwich spread and ' Cheese and Chilli' sandwich spread.

    6. An assorted preserves box that contains apricot jam, tomato chutney, strawberry & rosemary jam, three-fruit marmalade, black grape preserve and apple & cinnamon jelly that'll make you wonder why you've stuck to the same old flavours for years - ₹249

    A light blue box containing jars of jam

    7. Make yourself some nice, crispy and non-soggy millet dosas that'll remind you of what you've been missing out on when you order in - ₹178

    8. If you want to keep your mango obsession going strong throughout the year, you should get yourself this mango & oats multigrain cluster that contains freeze-dried mangoes - ₹221

    Bowl containing the mango and oats cluster with its benefits

    9. Swap out your regular butter with this peppery cashew butter that combines the creaminess of butter with a kick of flavour - ₹449

    10. Or this honey and mango spread that you can add to anything from oats to chapati for a quick and tasty breakfast - ₹260

    11. Make Sunday mornings even more exciting by quickly whipping up some flavourful, fluffy blueberry pancakes using this mix - ₹190

    Blueberry pancakes on a plate next to blueberry jam and the pancake mix box

    12. A dosa mix that's made up of 100% dal so you can get a kick of protein to fuel you through the day - ₹180

    13. If you're a massive fan of peanut butter and basically add it to everything, you'll definitely devour this salted peanut butter granola - ₹375

    A bowl of peanut butter and yoghurt oats topped with fruits and granola next to the packet of the granola

    14. If you want a nice hot plate of poha but you don't have to energy to make it early in the morning, get this Maggi masala poha mix that just requires you to add water to it - ₹25

    15. If you want a versatile option that you can customise according to whatever you're in the mood for on the day, get these brown rice crackers - ₹165

    Brown rice crackers with peanut butter and fruit stacked on a plate next to the brown rice cake packet and peanut butter

    16. If you're a big fan of Nutella, why not try this vanilla hazelnut spread? It'll go perfectly with pancakes or even on toast - ₹519

    17. If you're the kind of person that can't pick between a sweet or a savoury breakfast, get this toasted millet muesli with fig, honey and salted pistachios - ₹200

    The muesli in a bowl with its various benefits explained

    18. And finally, you can change out your regular old orange juice for some tasty sugarcane juice - ₹300