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    15 Products That Will Hide Your Mess When You're Feeling Too Lazy To Organise

    Low-effort, big results!

    1. A Groot pen stand that's going to help you hide your ever-growing stationery collection. It's so cute that no one will notice the absurdly large number of pens you've collected over time - ₹349

    A Groot flower pot holding its arms up

    2. A three-tier slim storage rack that will let you store so much stuff while taking up very little space - ₹571

    A slim storage rack with jars on it being wheeled into the space between a fridge and counters

    3. If you've officially run out of closet space and have resorted to letting the clothes pile up on the outside, get this chic Ikea rack that'll make your mess of clothes look pretty and pretty organised - ₹1,380

    A white wall rack with clothes on it next to storage boxes

    4. A caddy that you can simply hook to your shower to create three tiers worth of space. It'll also clear up space on your counters occupied by your bathing products - ₹689

    A white three-tier organiser attached to a shower with shower products in it

    5. Chuck all the random unimportant stuff you've got lying around into these dust and moisture proof under-bed storage bags to get them out of sight and out of mind - ₹688

    Red and black storage bags.

    6. An over-the-door organiser that you just have to attach to the back of your door and then you can start chucking stuff in it to hide it - ₹689

    A grey over-the-door organiser with toys in it

    7. If you've got a shoe collection that you won't be wearing anytime soon, put them in this under-bed shoe organiser to prevent them from getting all dusty - ₹799

    An under-bed shoe organiser with shoes in it under a bed

    8. If you're ready to say goodbye to "the chair" that you use to store your clothes because you're too lazy to do laundry, get this hamper - ₹859

    A foldable laundry hamper with a towel in it next to a pair of shoes and a wicker basket

    9. Or you could even use this foldable storage cube set if you want to be able to access them without digging too far in a bag - ₹1,226

    Two storage cubes under a bed

    10. A wire bin that will ensure your desk isn't just a mess of wires so you can actually get some work done without the fear of knocking something over - ₹699

    A split before and after image. The before image consists of messy wires on a bedside table and the after image is neatly concealed wires.

    11. A blue Ikea utility cart that will not be a safe haven for your mess but also look really pretty doing it - ₹2,750

    A blue Ikea utility cart with jars on it

    12. Keep all the important material for your online classes in this under-shelf basket to make some space on your desk while still keeping it close to you - ₹659

    An under-shelf basket with books and a watch in it

    13. A set of adhesive wall organisers that will easily stick (and stay) on your walls so you can add your growing mess onto them - ₹299 onwards

    Wall-mounted shelves containing jars with a hand reaching out to grab one

    14. This ottoman will not only help you cover up your mess but also give you some extra seating space so you won't have to awkwardly wait around for someone to move - ₹2,199

    A grey storage ottoman on the floor with toys in it next to a sofa with a blanket on it

    15. And finally, an under-the-sink organiser that will be really useful for storing all your cleaning products - ₹1,049

    An organiser under the sink with pots and pans on it