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    21 Useful Products That Every Workaholic Needs To Check Out

    These products will increase your productivity while also reminding you to take some time for yourself.

    1. A handy planner that actually helps you get so much more done than you'd think. You can use this to plan your days, journal your thoughts at the end of the day to celebrate your wins and find areas for improvement, write a list of movies you intend to watch, things that make you happy, monthly goals, important dates, and appointments, shopping lists, budget-planning and so much more! - ₹649

    2. A posture corrector that might just reduce the back and neck pain caused by spending your entire day hunched over a laptop - ₹499

    A woman wearing the posture corrector

    3. Speaking of sitting at your desk all day long, this memory foam cushion will provide your back with adequate support and make your seat so much comfier - ₹1,299

    A woman sitting on a chair with the backrest

    4. A handcrafted elephant glasses holder that'll bring some joy to your desk - ₹390

    An elephant-shaped glass holder with glasses on it

    5. If you're constantly feeling a bit too cold but feel too awkward to ask the AC to be turned up, get this neck pillow that'll not only make you feel warm but also prevent neck pains - ₹499

    6. And if your problem is that your office is too hot, get this desk fan that'll keep you nice and cool - ₹1,299

    A blue desk fan

    7. A time-marked water bottle that tells you exactly how much water you need to consume by what time so you're a lot more likely to stay hydrated and on track with your fitness goals -₹799

    A time marked water bottle in 3 colours

    8. An adjustable LED lamp that comes with 3 brightness settings so you can change them according to the time of day and make it easier for you to read those documents with the tiny fonts - ₹499

    A white LED lamp next to a book

    9. A 4-point USB port so you can charge multiple items at the same time instead of internally screaming when you realise you have to charge your phone and laptop at the same time but there's only one plug - ₹240

    A 4 port charger in black and white

    10. A pair of Sony noise-cancellation headphones so you can work without constantly being distracted by the gossip from your desk neighbours - ₹19,990

    A man wearing the Sony noise-cancellation headphones on a plane

    11. A stress-relieving roll-on that helps in reducing migraines so you can try to feel a little calmer on the more overwhelming days - ₹315

    A stress-relieving roll on bottle

    12. An insulated flask that'll keep your beverage at the right temperature for up to 24 hours so even if you get really busy and forget about it, it won't be ice cold when you drink it - ₹731

    Tea being poured from the flask

    13. A magnetic dry erase planner so you get out of bed and know exactly what you're supposed to do over the course of the day - ₹499

    A weekly planner on a fridge

    14. A 3 tier organiser that you can use for all the memos and random documents you accumulate over the day so they're not cluttered all over your desk - ₹646

    A 3 tier document holder with books in it

    15. And this document/paper holder so you can keep the most important one in front of your eyes at all times so can focus on it - ₹447

    3 document holders on a table

    16. A pair of blue-light blocking glasses that'll prevent your eyes from hurting from staring at a screen for 8+ hours a day - ₹799

    A pair of blue light blocking glasses on a table

    17. A memory foam wrist pad for your keyboard and mouse so you can comfortably answer passive-aggressive e-mails - ₹699

    18. A game-changing portable French Press that'll let you make coffee at your desk at any time so you can get past the midday slump in a jiffy and without paying money for expensive coffee every single day - ₹1,499

    A guide explaining how to make coffee using the French Press

    19. A One-Question-A-Day 5-year journal that'll let you take a moment for yourself every single day and reflect on how you were feeling on the same day last year - ₹988

    Cover of the book

    20. If you're still working from home, you should get this Wi-Fi range extender so you can work from any corner of your home without silently raging at the slow connection - ₹1,399

    A Wi-Fi range extender

    21. And finally, a useful wire mesh desk organiser because a cluttered desk = a cluttered mind - ₹479

    A black wire mesh desk organiser