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    18 Products That Are Not Only Super Pretty But Also Useful

    It's gonna be so hard to stop looking at these.

    1. A copper bottle that has some gorgeous floral patterns which will constantly bring your attention to it so you won't forget to drink your water - ₹499

    A copper water bottle with floral patterns

    2. A set of airtight jars with golden lids that will add so much more beauty to your kitchen - ₹399

    A set of 8 hexagonal jars with golden lids with food items in them

    3. A waterproof rainbow keyboard cover that will honestly save you so much trouble and fear - ₹461

    A rainbow keyboard cover with water spilled on it

    4. A set of 4 pastel geometric organisers that are so pretty, they'll even make your messes look aesthetic - ₹439

    5. If you want to start journaling, get yourself one of these journals that comes with a gorgeous painting illustrated on the cover. This might convince you to write down stuff in your online class instead of letting your mind wander off - ₹299

    6. Speaking of things that might compel you to study, these pastel highlighters will make you want to highlight things that are important instead of telling yourself you'll do it later and then forgetting about it until your exams - ₹619

    7. If you've been watching Masterchef Australia a bit too much and it's awoken the need to make your food look pretty, get these minimalistic plates that will make everything look great with minimal effort - ₹999

    A set of plates with golden edges

    8. A pink pop-up toaster that serves your daily breakfast needs while adding a pop of colour to your kitchen - ₹1,599

    A pink popup toaster

    9. An artsy laptop cover that's been lined with fluffy interiors to make sure your laptop doesn't get scratches or dust on it - ₹1,295

    10. A vibrant wristwatch that will add so much style to every single outfit you whether that be a plain white shirt with pyjamas for your work calls or your favourite dress - ₹1,276

    A blue and pink wrist watch

    11. A set of salt and pepper shakers that will make you even hungrier for the meal you're about to have - ₹595

    A blue and pink cupcake-shaped salt and pepper shakers

    12. A chemical-free gemstone soap bar that's so gorgeous, it'll basically double as bathroom decor - ₹255

    A gemstone soap bar next to a yellow cloth

    13. A set of rainbow stainless straws that you will want to twirl around in your hands multiple times to see all the pretty colours - ₹275

    Rainbow stainless straws next to a cloth packaging

    14. A blue and purple flask that will keep your drinks at the right temperature all day long - ₹949

    15. A moon lamp that you'll stare at for an absurdly large amount of time because it's going to be so hard to take your eyes off it - ₹699

    A moon lamp next to a cloth

    16. A holographic nail polish that will make you wonder how nail polish can be so damn pretty - ₹499

    A holographic nail polish on a nail

    17. A set of hand-painted mugs that might cause some argument between you and your family over who gets to use it because of how nice they look - ₹691

    Two mugs with houses painted on them

    18. And finally, this calendar that's a lot more interesting to look at than a piece of paper - ₹595