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    20 Low-Effort Decluttering Products Under ₹1,000 That Will Do All The Work For You

    None of these require any assembly. All you have to do is place them and chuck your mess in!

    1. A multipurpose organiser that you can use for anything - from your makeup products to your desk clutter - ₹610

    2. A space-saving cupboard organiser that will let you store a lot more things in one place - ₹580

    Cupboard organiser with spice and herbs jars on it

    3. A gorgeous golden glass tray that'll hold all the random trinkets you've got lying around and look so pretty while doing it - ₹429

    A golden tray with items on it

    4. A two-tier organiser that'll help you clear out basically any counter space in your home - ₹649

    A two-tier organiser with items on it

    5. A Miniso Mickey Mouse organiser which is large enough to hold every little bit of your stationery hoard - ₹360

    A Mickey Mouse storage container next to a keyboard and a mouse

    6. Speaking of keeping your desk tidy, get this bin that will hide the annoying mess of wires that occupies 80% of your desk so you can maybe actually have some space to move your arms without causing a catastrophe - ₹799

    7. An over-the-door organiser that you can hang on any door in your home or even your closet to create some extra storage - ₹760

    An organiser at the back of a door

    8. An under-shelf basket that'll let you utilize even the tiniest bit of space beneath your shelves. Every little bit counts towards decluttering! - ₹625

    Under-shelf basket with food items on it

    9. A cute little ottoman storage box which can double as a seat for a child and hide those random things you keep leaving around the living room for some reason - ₹599

    10. A compact shoe storage box that you can chuck under your bed or even your closet because you're not gonna be using allll those shoes any time soon - ₹799

    Shoe box under the bed with shoes in it

    11. This jewellery organiser because your dresser is already overflowing with makeup products - ₹329

    Jewellery organiser hanging in a closet

    12. A set of shoe organisers which will let you cut down space normally occupied by a pair in half!! - ₹599

    Before and after using the shoe organiser

    13. These hangers which will let you hang multiple clothes in one place so your clothes aren't haphazardly placed over the chair - ₹249

    Hangers with 5 layers with clothes on them

    14. A two-tier spice rack so you can keep all your extra masalas in one place while it occupies less space - ₹840

    Spice rack with containers of spice on it

    15. Make your kitchen drawers look so much neater with this cutlery organiser. Say goodbye to stabbing yourself with a rouge fork in the middle of the night - ₹849

    Cutlery organiser

    16. A set of mini trash cans if your mess originates from food wrappers that you can't be bothered to throw into the bigger bin - ₹153

    Mini trash can

    17. A basket that you can attach to your cabinet drawers to reduce the feeling that everything's going to come crashing down on you once you open it - ₹799


    18. A bedside caddy that you can attach to the side of your bed to keep your essentials in one place so you don't have to constantly get out of bed to find them - ₹499

    Bedside caddy

    19. A remote organiser so you don't have to look under every available surface to find the TV remote - ₹379

    Remote organiser

    20. And finally, this handy organiser that you can use to sort basically any area of your home - ₹298

    Organiser being used in different forms