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    17 Incredibly Useful Ikea Products That Every Home Needs

    These products will get the job done while looking flawless.

    1. A set of food sealing clips that'll keep your food fresh and crispy for a much longer period of time so you don't end up biting into a soggy chip - ₹198

    2. A set of dishwashing brushes so you won't end up getting sore hands after scrubbing the life out of that pot - ₹249

    3. A clothing rack that you can use for extra storage or even to dry some clothes this monsoon season - ₹1,389

    4. Or if you're having trouble drying things, this hanging dryer can handle up to 16 clothes - ₹588

    5. A set of cutlery organisers that'll make your drawers look so much less messy, and give you a good idea of where everything is - ₹320

    6. A dish-drying mat that'll absorb all the access water from your dishes, saving you the time spent in wiping down wet countertops - ₹349

    7. A microwave splatter cover to prevent disgusting splattering that you'll have to clear out later - ₹380

    8. A chic organiser that's perfect for decluttering your work-desk at home - ₹691

    9. And a stainless steel paper tray so you can finally stop misplacing important documents on your desk - ₹1,020

    10. A kitchen sink drainer that you can use to thoroughly and easily wash vegetables or drain out excess water from dishes - ₹555

    11. A stainless steel steamer that you can use to cook yourself some momos - ₹705

    12. A felt purse organiser that'll help you feel a lot more collected on your next grocery run - ₹899

    13. A headset and tablet stand that'll keep your essentials in one place so you don't end up turning everything on its head, trying to find it - ₹499

    14. A pretty utility cart that you can wheel into any part of your house, depending on where you need it - ₹3,100

    15. A delicate bamboo phone and tablet holder which you'll use every single day for your video calls - ₹225

    16. A squeegee that'll make every glass surface in your home squeaky clean to please the Monica Geller in you - ₹224

    17. And finally, a dish drainer with 9 slots for those who are tired of waiting for dishes to dry so they can put them in place - ₹479