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    26 Gift Ideas That Your Parents Will Not End Up Roasting The Heck Out Of

    You might not have to hear the classic, "What are we supposed to do with this?" What a concept.

    1. An iconic Bollywood legends speaker that comes preloaded with 351 pre-loaded Hindi songs so your parents can listen to music without having to ask you how to use the Bluetooth settings - ₹1,849

    Blue Bluetooth speaker with Bollywood legends on it

    2. A rice cooker so they can cook a household staple even quicker and in bigger batches ₹1,660

    A white Panasonic rice cooker

    3. A tea infuser pot that comes with a strainer so they won't end up finding tiny bits of tea leaves in their morning cup - ₹738

    Tea infuser pot with tea in it

    4. An appam maker that will help them try out a new breakfast option and it's indirectly a gift for you too because you'll get to eat them. Also, lots of people seem to be using this to make mini cupcakes or desserts which also seems like a great idea! - ₹529

    Appam maker with a lid and a stick

    5. A jumbo sandwich maker that can make up to 4 sandwiches at the same time so the chef in your family can be out of the kitchen sooner and enjoy the meal with you - ₹3,453

    Sandwich maker with sandwiches in it

    6. A mug set that your parents will capture all your extremely Indian parent's catchphrases that you love - ₹349

    A green and orange mug set with catchphrases

    7. If you want to gift your chai-loving parents some variety, gift them this tea box that contains15 tea flavours from Japan, China, India, Rome, Istanbul, Hawaii and Morocco - ₹599

    Yellow tin box that contains teas of the world

    8. A manual vegetable chopper which both my parents love to the point where we have three of them now for some reason. It reduces meal-prep time considerably and it'll confirm whether you're crying because of the onions or 'cause of your cooking skills - ₹214

    Blue manual vegetable chopper

    9. If you've moved out and your parents' solution was to get a dog to fill the gap, gift them this cosy dog bed that'll make the fluffiest member of your family and your parents happy - ₹1,299

    Dog bed with a white dog sitting on it

    10. A customised wooden engraved photo frame that will be a gift they'll remember forever and display proudly in the living room - ₹390

    11. A pack of date and almond truffles that the health-conscious parents will not only appreciate but also devour within the next few days - ₹495

    Date and almond chocolates in a box

    12. A South Indian filter coffee maker that they'll want to try out as soon as it's delivered. It'll most likely be a super exciting day for all - ₹299

    South Indian filter coffee maker

    13. A gorgeous copper bottle that'll you want to get two of to avoid arguments between your parents - ₹499

    Copper water bottle with floral patterns

    14. A soap gift box that will get your parents excited to try out all the different scents and to finally decide which one is superior - ₹237

    Soap gift box with soaps in it

    15. If your parents are big readers, there's no better gift for them than a Kindle because they'll have a massive library at their fingertips - ₹7,999

    16. A microfiber duvet cover that will keep them nice and warm through the winter season and give a more hotel-like quality to their room - ₹1,139

    Navy blue microfiber duvet on a bed

    17. A mouth-watering chutney cookbook which was made for families who care more about the condiments than the actual food - ₹399

    Cover of the chutney cookbook

    18. A set of two adorable cushions for the cutest parents - ₹549

    Pink and blue cushions with Pyari Mumma and Achhe Papa written on them

    19. Speaking of things that are adorable, your mom will appreciate this kitchen decor piece because she deserves all the love for her phenomenal cooking - ₹299

    A wooden board that says Mummy Da Dhaba

    20. An egg boiler that will take some of the stress of cooking off their shoulders since this baby can make 7 eggs according to your preference in a matter of minutes - ₹1,149

    An egg boiler with eggs on the side

    21. A set of two spectacle holders that I'm considering gifting my dad because of how often he loses his glasses - ₹360

    Spectacle holders in the shape of a face

    22. If you want to gift them something sentimental, there are few things that will get the emotions going as a collage of your favourite photographs of them on this stand - ₹699

    A collage that says Mom and Dad at the top

    23. If you feel like splurging on something practical that will make their life easier and something that they'll use every single day, get them this instant pot that has 9 cooking functions. All they have to do is chuck the ingredients in and the pot will do all the work for them - ₹6,930

    24. Or maybe even this air fryer for families who are trying to eat healthier but still extremely tasty food - ₹6,890

    Air fryer

    25. A simple yet elegant faux Pashmina shawl that will keep your mom nice and warm through this wedding season - ₹935

    26. And finally, you can't go wrong with a timeless classic watch for your dad - ₹1,165

    A brown watch with a blue dial