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    29 Festive Season Gift Ideas Under ₹1,000 That Will Make Anyone Really Happy

    Keep them and your pocket happy.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Ross Geller Funko Pop that's going to be your Friends -loving friends favourite thing ever - ₹895

    A Ross Geller Funko Pop

    2. A gorgeous copper water bottle is going to be a universally loved gift that anyone can find use out of - ₹699

    3. A set of gravity-defying tilted glasses that will make anyone go "That's so cool, how does that even happen?" - ₹690

    4. An infuser water bottle which will remind them to always stay hydrated and prevent them from consuming sugar-heavy drinks all the time - ₹799

    An infuser bottle

    5. If you've got a friend or family member who's 70% coffee, gift them this pocket-friendly South Indian filter coffee maker which will make them beam with joy - ₹299

    A filter coffee maker

    6. And chai-lovers will love this tea maker that comes with an infuser so they can get the very best out of their tea - ₹547

    A tea maker with an infuser

    7. A deep-bass speaker that any EDM lover will definitely cherish for a long time - ₹799

    A JBL speaker

    8. Or these Sony earphones so they can listen to their favourite music without the insults of their siblings - ₹899

    A pair of Sony earphones

    9. A bamboo makeup brush set which is perfect for people who want to get into makeup a bit more - ₹299

    10. A set of champagne flute glasses to amp up any dinners they might have in the future - ₹809

    A set of champagne flute glasses

    11. A gift pack from Khadi Natural that looks way more expensive than it actually is - ₹552

    12. A tie and cufflink set that's the perfect gift for coworkers who you don't really talk to - ₹466

    A tie and cufflink set

    13. A stationery set that they can plant once they've got the most out of it so you can encourage them to take a positive step towards bettering the environment - ₹449

    A stationery kit

    14. A silver-plated brass plate set that's the perfect gift for impressing more old-fashioned people - ₹499

    A silver-plated brass plate set

    15. A complete men's grooming kit from Axe for a man who you have no idea what to get - ₹437

    A men's grooming kit

    16. Or a beard growing kit that will help them get closer to the resolution they made at the start of the year - ₹399

    A beard-growing kit

    17. An assorted flavoured coffee box that will probably any coffee lover's favourite gift of the year - ₹650

    A coffee brewing kit

    18. And if they don't have a coffee machine, you can instead gift them this pretty assorted flavoured instant coffee box - ₹999

    A flavoured coffee set

    19. If they're on #Team Chai, this assorted tea box that contains 15 tea flavours from 10 countries that'll provide them with plenty of variety for the month - ₹599

    A tea box

    20. A handpicked selection of the finest green teas from TGL Co. which is impossible to dislike - ₹224

    Tea set box

    21. Or maybe even this tea-sampling box that is so damn gorgeous, they'll be impressed by just the packaging - ₹800

    22. A reflective, nostalgic 5-year journal that has a question for each day, and they can see how the answers change as the years pass by - ₹862

    A 5-year journal cover

    23. A 10000mAh power bank for the member of your group who's constantly running out of battery whenever you meet - ₹499

    A power bank

    24. A laptop bag that comes with a USB charging port so they won't have to worry about running out of charge at the most crucial moment of their assignments - ₹749

    A laptop bag

    25. A hand and foot massager that will make relieve the stress of anyone from young adults to middle-aged people - ₹587

    A hand and foot massager

    26. A pair of handcrafted marble coasters which will not only protect their precious glass tables from water stains but also look gorgeous doing it - ₹799

    Marble coasters

    27. An eye-catching sea-green bedsheet that they'll most definitely use because who wouldn't? It's amazing! - ₹565

    A bedsheet

    28. A pack of 5 Shin Ramyun that will make your foodie sibling or your BFF unbelievably happy - ₹424

    Packaging of the ramen

    29. And finally, if the person you're trying to gift basically has everything, gift them this unique honey box that'll make their days really sweet - ₹495