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    25 Fun Purchases That Are Actually Pretty Useful

    Add some fun to everyday life!

    1. An ice mold that makes perfectly spherical ice cubes that take way more time to melt than the regular ones so you can sip your drink without worrying about the ice slowly melting away - ₹799

    2. A decorated storage box that can also be mounted on the wall so you can save yourself some space on your tables - ₹417

    A storage box mounted on the wall. It's has a transparent window and a colourful background. The quote "Make It Happen" is written on it in beautiful cursive writing. You can use it as a decorative frame as well.

    3. A penguin whiteboard that will help get your activities properly sorted out for the day - ₹299

    A penguin whiteboard with markers

    4. A snail soap dispenser that'll ensure you never forget to wash your hands - ₹380

    5. A mini cat bag that's the purr-fect companion for your work trips or even your grocery runs - ₹349

    6. A set of animal bite cable protectors that will make your wires last much longer and look so damn cute doing it - ₹349

    7. A set of pretty mini makeup brushes that are perfect for beginners and they're pretty compact so you can carry them around in your bag if you need a touch-up! - ₹221

    8. Or this kawaii beauty blender that comes with a heart-shaped stand so you don't have to leave it lying around where it'll stain something - ₹260

    9. A colourful cat watch that will make your outfits pop even more - ₹1,017

    A colourful watch with a cat print on its dial

    10. An cat and fish bookmark that'll make you want to read more just so you can use it - ₹249

    The bookmark is made out a strip of felt and has a sewn black and white cat on one end and a sewn yellow fish on the other.

    11. A silicone heart-shaped mould that will make you ~hearty~ waffles which might just make you want to get out of bed - ₹169

    Batter being poured into the heart-shaped waffle mould

    12. A set of animal-themed moulds that you can use to make some cute ice cubes or even some yum homemade chocolates - ₹179

    Animal shaped silicone moulds

    13. A magnetic cloud-shaped key holder that will keep your keys in place so you won't have to worry about constantly losing them - ₹399

    14. An elegant princess pillow that is not only cute but also so pretty, it's kind of unbelievable - ₹1,795

    The pillow on a sofa. It features a princess in all her finery, sipping tea.

    15. A watermelon coin bag to help you store your loose change in a way that doesn't involve you digging deep into the depths of your purse in a crowded grocery store line - ₹190

    A watermelon shaped coin purse

    16. An Angry Mama microwave cleaner that'll make your overly-used microwave look so much less disgusting - ₹249

    17. A moon lamp that will cast a warm glow all over your room to make it look so much more inviting - ₹499

    18. A double-insulated smiling bear mug that'll make you enjoy your first cup of coffee or tea even more - ₹488

    A person holding a bear mug with orange juice in it. The mug is has two layers of glass, and the inner glass layer is shaped like an upside down cartoon bear.

    19. A Groot flower pot/pen holder that will make your desk look more lively and less headache-inducing - ₹275

    The Groot flower pot being used as a planter

    20. A cat ear head wrap that'll make your at-home spa days feel so much more realistic - ₹150

    21. An adorable tote bag to honour the strong women in your life - ₹955

    A blue tote bag with a floral design on it. It features prints of a grandmother, mother, and daughter, standing side by side.

    22. A vintage storage box that you can use to store all the jewellery you've got overcrowding your dresser - ₹636

    A pale blue and pink vintage storage box with jewellery in it

    23. Swap out the plain black and white calendar on your desk for this joyous and vibrant one - ₹636

    A colourful bobblehead calendar on a desk.

    24. A lazy panda mug that is an accurate representation of your mood this year - ₹449

    25. And finally, this cat lamp is the most perfect thing you could see before you close your eyes and try to sleep - ₹1,098