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    17 "Friends" Merchandise Items For People Who Still Watch The Re-Runs Every Single Day

    ""O" is for...oh wow!"

    1. A comfy Hugsy hoodie that'll always make you feel like there's a warm and cute penguin wrapped around you - ₹750

    A maroon hoodie with Hugsy on it

    2. Or this Hugsy inspired soft toy that you probably won't let any young member of your family take from you - ₹2,500

    A Hugsy soft toy on a table

    3. A Central Perk keychain so you can take a piece of the show with you wherever you go - ₹295

    4. An 80's Ross Geller Funko Pop that will bring some joy to your desk and keep you going through the day - ₹999

    A Ross Geller funko pop from the 80s

    5. This iconic tee that Rachel wears in one of my favourite episodes, "The One Where Ross Is Completely Fine", and honestly I can get behind this message in 2021 - ₹249

    A woman wearing a shirt that says Save The Drama For Your Mama

    6. Or this tee that made Ross and Rachel do the polar opposite of relax - ₹449

    A tee that says Frankie Says Relax

    7. A caricature themed water bottle that'll make you smile and encourage you to drink more water - ₹349

    A Friends water bottle

    8. A set of bookmarks that play out that wonderful scene that took place in, "The One Where Ross Got High" which will probably play out in your head when you see the words - ₹299

    A set of 7 bookmarks from Friends

    9. A Laurel and Hardy poster that's been in the backdrop of so many iconic scenes in Chandler and Joey's apartment - ₹249

    A Laurel and Hardy poster

    10. Or this poster that you've seen countless times in Monica's apartment - ₹199

    A French Poster on the wall

    11. This notebook might actually inspire you to take notes instead of just day-dreaming in your online class - ₹299

    A notebook with Friends references on the cover

    12. A cushion cover that features the iconic opening scene that lives rent-free in my head - ₹299

    A sofa with the Friends cushion cover on it

    13. Or you could even get this Smelly Cat cushion cover that'll make you want to sing along every time you see it - ₹299

    A cushion cover with the lyrics to smelly cat on it

    14. The cutest tee that'll make you go, "Could this be any more adorable?" - ₹576

    15. Honour your everlasting love for the theme song of the show with a customised Spotify plaque that you can proudly display on your table - ₹549

    A Spotify song plaque with the Friends theme song on it

    16. An awesome mug that looks like a normal black mug at first glance but when you pour hot water into it, it displays this photo of Joey that might just prevent people from taking sips out of your drink - ₹499

    A heat changing mug with its two states

    17. And finally, you could maybe even get one of these mugs that have the best lines and moments from your favourite character's journey through the show - ₹199

    6 mugs with different friends characters on them