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    13 Underrated Taylor Swift Bridges That We Should Know All Too Well (But Don't)

    It's time to stop sleeping on these incredible pieces of work!

    We all know that Taylor Swift is the absolute QUEEN of writing bridges — someone who is truly the best out there. But, there are quite a few amazing pieces of her work that get overlooked because we're so busy admiring the other equally great ones.

    1. "marjorie"

    A woman looking back at the camera

    2. "Change (Taylor's Version)"

    A woman holding up a guitar with lyrics in the background

    3. "Innocent"

    A woman singing in a golden dress

    4. "The Story of Us"

    A woman staring at the camera

    5. "Dress"

    A woman singing surrounded by dancers

    6. "Cornelia Street"

    A woman singing with a guitar in her hand

    7. "seven"

    Trees with the sun behind them

    8. "Come Back...Be Here"

    A woman singing in a red dress

    9. "coney island"

    A Ferris Wheel against a dark background

    10. "Afterglow"

    A woman singing

    11. "You Are In Love"

    A woman singing with a guitar

    12. "mad woman"

    A fire with the words "No one likes a mad woman" in front of it

    13. "Sad, Beautiful, Tragic"

    A woman singing