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13 Adorable Yet Practical Products That You'll Use Pretty Much Every Single Day

Give your everyday things an adorable upgrade!

1. A mini cat bag that's the purr-fect companion for your work trips or even your grocery runs - ₹354

A bag that has a cat on it

2. An Angry Mama odour absorber that will get rid of weird fridge smells and keep it nice and fresh - ₹199

An Angry Mama odour absorber in a fridge

3. A diamond-shaped ice cube mould that'll make your drinks feel like a million bucks - ₹299

Diamond shaped ice cube mould

4. A set of superhero cable protectors that will make your wires last much longer and look so damn cute doing it - ₹299

5. If you want a mug that screams "'tis the damn season", get one of these cute snowman mugs that'll make you feel warm, cosy and happy - ₹499

6. A set of pretty mini makeup brushes that are perfect for beginners and they're pretty compact so you can carry them around in your bag if you need a touch-up! - ₹139

7. Or this kawaii beauty blender that comes with a stand so you don't have to leave it lying around where it'll stain something - ₹260

8. A colourful cat watch that will make your outfits pop even more - ₹1,245

A colour cat watch

9. An owl and moon bookmark that'll make you want to read more just so you can use it - ₹249

An owl moon shaped bookmark

10. A set of animal-themed moulds that you can use to make some cute ice cubes or even some soft homemade chocolates - ₹149

Animal shaped silicone moulds

11. A magnetic cloud key holder that will keep your keys in place so you won't have to worry about constantly losing them - ₹299

A cloud-shaped key holder with keys on it

12. An elegant princess pillow that is not only cute but also so pretty, it's kind of unbelievable - ₹1,995

13. And finally, a snail soap dispenser that'll ensure you never forget to wash your hands - ₹379

A snail soap dispenser