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18 Products That Will Make You Realise You've Been Doing Things The Hard Way

"So you're telling me there was an easy way to do that all this time?"

1. An apple cutter that'll let you slice and core an apple in a matter of seconds - ₹108

2. A self-dispensing water dispenser for pets to make sure your good boy/girl always stays hydrated - ₹508

3. An expandable phone/tablet holder that'll let you lie back in bed comfortably as you watch your favourite TV shows - ₹1,199

4. A pair of no-tie shoelaces so you don't have to expend energy in doing and undoing them 20 times until they feel just right - ₹299

5. An egg boiler that lets you boil 7 eggs in 3 minutes according to your preference for a quick and healthy breakfast - ₹1,084

6. A 9-in-1 instant pot which will do all the cooking for you so you won't have to call your mom every 5 minutes to ask if you're doing the right thing. And as a little bonus, you won't have to clean up loads of dishes since you're cooking everything in this 1 pot! - ₹7,250

7. A multipurpose vegetable and fruit chopper, grater and slicer (which has over 5,400 positive reviews) to make your meal prep a piece of cake - ₹479

8. Instead of leaving all your stuff lying around because you're too lazy to clean, put it in this storage ottoman which you can also use as a footrest - ₹2,499

9. An automatic toothpaste dispenser for when you're feeling too damn lazy - ₹299

10. And an automatic toothbrush so you don't even have to move the toothbrush around, just hold it there and it'll do all the work for you - ₹344

11. A pair of prism glasses for so you can lie straight down on your back and watch TV or read your favourite book - ₹499

12. Instead of spending ages trying to find the perfect lid that fits, get these reusable silicone lids that'll fit on just about anything - ₹298

13. A jar grip opener that'll let you open up jars without having to call your dad for help - ₹249

14. A set of Command hanging strips that'll let you hang up photo frames without having to use a hammer or a nail or any effort - ₹199

15. A set of sauce kickstands that'll let you get every last bit of the liquid out without squeezing the life out of it - ₹298

16. A purse organiser so you don't have to empty out your entire purse at the checkout counter to find extra change - ₹243

17. A set of ice cube trays that comes with a lid so you don't have to try to tiptoe your way to the fridge so as to not spill a single drop - ₹249

18. And finally, a hair detangling brush that'll make the process sooo much quicker and less painful - ₹395