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    20 Beautiful Cushion Covers That'll Add Some Life To Your Living Room

    Get these for a steal!

    1. A set of minimalistic velvet cushion covers that'll make your space seem more modern and relaxed - ₹599 (MRP: ₹999)

    2. A set of extremely colourful cushion covers to brighten up your living room - ₹295 (MRP: ₹799)

    3. A set of black cushion covers with some truly striking images on them to create a gorgeous contrast - ₹399 (MRP: ₹999)

    4. A set of brown and beige cushion covers that'll add a touch of elegance to your room - ₹649

    5. A set of Persian inspired cushion covers that look way more expensive than they are - ₹449 (MRP: ₹999)

    6. A set of cushion covers that have some gorgeous illustrations of Bharatanatyam dancers - ₹449 (MRP: ₹999)

    7. A set of colourful cushion covers that will fill you with optimism when you see them - ₹399 (MRP: ₹499)

    8. A set of dupion silk cushion covers that look so damn classy - ₹299 (MRP: ₹799)

    9. A set of premium handmade cushion covers that'll add some chill vibes to your living room - ₹599 (MRP: ₹799)

    10. A set of black and white velvet cushion covers that'll add some Pinterest/Tumblr-y feel to your room - ₹893 (MRP: ₹999)

    11. If you just want something adorable that'll make you go "Awww" every time you see it, these cushion covers are the ones to get - ₹245 (MRP: ₹699)

    12. A set of cushion covers that basically look like they are stills from a gorgeous animated movie - ₹429 (MRP: ₹899)

    13. A set of simple but beautiful cushion covers that'll do the job without going overboard - ₹399 (MRP: ₹499)

    14. A set of jute cushion covers that are perfect for a more plain surface to add some life and contrast - ₹377 (MRP: ₹999)

    15. A set of cushion covers from Sej by Nisha Gupta that'll make everything seem so much more sophisticated - ₹1,499 (₹2,999)

    16. A set of striking Turkish satin cushion covers that'll end up being the most eye-catching thing in any room - ₹409 (MRP: ₹799)

    17. A camel cushion cover that's the perfect centrepiece for a minimalistic living room - ₹699

    18. A set of two glittery cushion covers to go up against the plain and simple ones - ₹499

    19. A set of jute peacock cushion covers that manage to strike the perfect balance between traditional and modern - ₹456 (MRP: ₹999)

    20. And finally, a set of these encouraging cushion covers that'll tell you something you always need to hear - ₹449 (MRP: ₹899)