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    19 Stunning Home Decor Items Under ₹1,000 To Liven Up Your Home

    Home is where the heart is.

    1. Add this show-stopping centerpiece to your living room to make heads turn - ₹540

    2. Instead of frantically scrambling around for your keys, you can add them to this fancy keyholder - ₹289

    3. Liven up your plain old dining table with this gorgeous silk table runner - ₹699

    4. Add some lovely fresh flowers or some lively floating candles to this decorative flower pot for a subtle touch of elegance - ₹499

    5. There's no room that this intricate Buddha idol won't bring zen energy to - ₹399

    6. Fill your room with modern vibes by adding this zig-zag shelf that you can use to hold your decorative items or your dearest books - ₹994

    7. This elegant red vase is sure to make an impression, with or without flowers - ₹249

    8. This ceramic blue pottery jar can be used for storage or even as a decorative piece for your dining table - ₹475

    9. Give your plain white walls a brand new look with this delightful wall sticker - ₹129

    10. Add some dynamic energy to your room with this vibrant jute rug - ₹799

    11. Add these terracotta warli pots to your living room to give it an ethnic touch - ₹690

    12. If you're on the lookout for something artistic and unique, this tea light holder is perfect for you - ₹249

    13. These simplistic 3D butterflies will instantly add a touch of elegance to your room - ₹333

    14. This crystal string bead curtain is a super colourful and simple addition that'll give your room a delicate look - ₹499

    15. This modern showpiece is a great way to welcome guests to your house and to give them an eye-catching attraction to stare at - ₹999

    16. This stunning brass vase will add a rustic touch to any room - ₹599

    17. This fancy decorative plate will turn even the most boring table or cabinet into a majestic one - ₹775

    18. This detailed brass peacock showpiece is a small but striking addition to any room - ₹365

    19. And finally, this Moroccan style lantern to light up your home this Diwali - ₹675