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    18 Gorgeous Paintings That'll Add A Touch Of Vibrancy To Any Room

    Real art takes courage and honesty.

    1. This oil-based painting of a cherry blossom tree that'll not only add some color to your room but it'll also make you feel really relaxed - ₹490

    2. This Warli painting that'll give your living room an ethnic touch - ₹698

    3. This stunning Kalamkari painting of a gorgeous golden peacock - ₹698

    4. This quirky painting of a flamingo if you just want something cute and fun - ₹499

    5. This abstract painting that you'll most likely spend a lot of time staring at - ₹542

    6. You're probably going to discover something new in this painting called Chakra Of Life every time you look at it - ₹798

    7. This wonderful Kalighat painting of a man and his best friend - ₹698

    8. Transport yourself to the serene waterside of Venice with this gorgeous painting - ₹1,399

    9. This contemporary painting that'll add a sophisticated look to your house - ₹839

    10. This Gond style painting that manages to strike a perfect balance between traditional and modern - ₹698

    11. This set of three framed paintings that are colourful, bright, and unique - ₹429

    12. This sleek abstract geometric painting that you'll probably end up playing "guess the number of shapes" with - ₹599

    13. This Buddha digital painting that'll add a calming aura to any room - ₹2,399

    14. This abstract painting that's got a beautiful blend of different shades of blue - ₹999

    15. This lovely painting of Radha and Krishna that is so colorful yet so subtle - ₹698

    16. This vibrant Kalamkari style painting that's just so unique and so damn vibrant - ₹798

    17. Add a touch of elegance to any room with this stunning Buddha painting - ₹599

    18. And finally, this Rajasthani painting that'll make you want to travel back in time to see beautiful sights like these - ₹698