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    17 Things That'll Make Your Bedroom So Cosy, You'll Never Wanna Leave

    Just in case it wasn't already hard enough to leave it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A backrest pillow that basically just feels like a warm and welcoming bear hug - ₹1,999

    Dimensions: height - 35 inches, width - 28 inches, arm height - 16 inches.

    Get it here.

    2. Upgrade your standard cushions with these unbelievably soft velvet cushion covers - ₹499

    Dimensions: 16 x 16 inches

    Also available in different colours and sizes at varied prices. Get this set of 5 here.

    3. Or you could get these silky satin cushion covers that are too smooth for words - ₹528

    Get this set of 2 here.

    4. If you live in a city where there is constant traffic noise and cars lights that prevent you from getting a good night's sleep, get these blackout faux silk curtains that won't let even the slightest bit of light in - ₹799

    Oh, and they help with noise-reduction too.

    They're 5 feet in length and they're also available for doors. Get it here.

    5. Add some extra support, firmness, and cushioning to your old mattress with this microfibre mattress topper - ₹5,480

    Dimensions: Queen size

    Also available in different sizes and colours at varying prices. Get it here.

    6. This colour-changing humidifier and essential oil diffuser that'll be really soothing and peaceful to watch as you slowly drift off to sleep - ₹1,649

    Get it here.

    7. Make your room look a lot classier with this canopy that'll also prevent irritating mosquitoes buzzing near your ears in the middle of the night - ₹1,150

    Dimensions: King size

    Also available in black and ivory. Get it here.

    8. Add a cosy little shag carpet to your room to make it look even more inviting than usual - ₹3,599

    Dimensions: 4 x 4 feet

    Also available in different sizes and colours at different prices. Get it here.

    9. A fuzzy faux fur throw blanket that'll envelop you in a world of warmth during your in-bed reading sessions - ₹1,750

    Dimensions: 50 x 60 inches

    Also available in different sizes at different prices. Get it here.

    10. Cuddle up to this C-shaped pillow that'll support your side as well as your back to give you a pain-free sleeping experience - ₹2,199

    Dimensions: Length is 90 inches x width is 45 inches x Height is 8.5 inches.

    Although this is targeted towards pregnant women, it also provides a whole lot of comfort to those who are not pregnant. Get it here.

    11. Add a soft and warm glow to your bedroom with this Himalayan rock salt lamp - ₹1,599

    Get it here.

    12. If you're the kind of person that literally doesn't leave their bed on the weekends, get this foldable laptop desk so you can binge-watch TV shows at an angle that doesn't hurt your neck - ₹899

    Get it here.

    13. Invest in these quality 5-star rated cotton sheets that'll be really hard to get out of but will totally be worth it - ₹2,049

    Dimensions: California King

    Also available in different sizes and colours at different prices. Get it here.

    14. If you have a tendency to constantly toss around in your bed, causing your sheets to come out, get these sheet suspenders that'll keep them in place - ₹425

    Get this set of 4 here.

    15. Get these curtain string lights to make your room look magical, pretty, and warm - ₹1,099

    Get these 9.8 feet lights here.

    16. Or if you'd prefer to have something that's subtle and unique, get these lights that scream "home is where the heart is" - ₹699

    Get it here.

    17. And finally, a memory foam sleeping mask that'll give your eyes the comfort they deserve after a hard day's work - ₹488

    Get it here.