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    17 Awesome Gift Ideas To Remind Your BFF You Love Them This Valentine's Day

    You might end up wanting to keep some of these for yourself.

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    1. A heartwarming journal where you write down all the reasons why they're the most awesome human being that's ever existed because roasting them constantly doesn't get the message across well enough - ₹686

    2. A gemstone soap bar to remind them how precious they are to you - ₹229

    3. A heart-shaped tea infuser because let's be honest, you're probably each other's only Valentine - ₹199

    4. This tee which contains a PSA every single person needs to remember on Valentine's Day - ₹298

    5. An unbelievably adorable tortoise succulent pot which might just inspire them to keep a plant alive this year - ₹790

    6. A mermaid blanket which is a quirky little gift which will keep them nice and warm - ₹1,299

    7. A colour-changing cat lamp which will be adored by cat and dog lovers alike because of just how cute it is - ₹997

    8. An ice skull mold to signify all of your relationships that are down in the grave - ₹300

    9. A roulette shot glass set to make the 'Drink every time ____ happens' game a lot more interesting - ₹699

    10. A cute and minimalistic makeup organiser bag because you've seen what a mess their room is and how impossible it is to find anything in it - ₹499

    11. A pair of Thug Life sunglasses to block all the shade you both receive on a daily basis - ₹290

    12. A reversible sequin pillow that you can customise with an image of Nicholas Cage to add an element of surprise - ₹589

    13. If you've yet to find a piece of page in their notebook that isn't covered in random doodles, get them this big book of stickers which will definitely bring a smile to their face - ₹524

    14. A lovely mug that'll remind them you'll be there when the rain starts to pour - ₹179

    15. This Michael Scott poster to celebrate all your innuendos - ₹158

    16. A book that contains letters with prompts so you can write to your BFF the old fashioned way which just makes it so much more personal - ₹813

    17. And finally, a pillow to remind your long-distance BFF that you're always there for them - ₹1,199