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    13 Products That Coffee Lovers Will Cherish Forever

    "May your coffee kick in before reality does."

    1. A handheld milk frother that'll give you that cafe-quality coffee that you've been craving - ₹999

    2. A cold brew maker which will help you beat this cruel summer with its refreshing flavour - ₹1,360

    3. An espresso cup set that'll give you the perfect cup of coffee to energise your senses - ₹550

    4. A pack of coffee flavoured chocolates that'll give you the perfect combination of two of your favourite things - ₹500

    5. A vacuum insulated coffee flask that'll keep your coffee at your preferred temperature for up to 12 hours so you won't have to wince as you drink ice cold coffee that was originally burning hot - ₹999

    6. A mocha scented candle that'll make your room smell so warm and comforting - ₹413

    7. A set of reusable coffee filters that'll make you feel even better about drinking your coffee since you're cutting down on unnecessary waste - ₹225

    8. A stovetop Moka pot that'll brew you 6 cups of rich espresso - ₹1,400

    9. A pack of exfoliating coffee body scrub that'll get rid of all the dead skin cells, blackheads, impurities, pollution, and unwanted tan to give your skin the care it needs - ₹395

    10. A pack of the world's strongest coffee that'll most definitely give you a huge kick of energy (that you'll hopefully put to good use) - ₹400

    11. A handy easy-to-use coffee grinder that lets you adjust the size of the grind according to the coffee machine you have - ₹2,999

    12. An Aeropress coffee maker that'll make you 1 to 3 cups of coffee per pressing. It's perfect for lazy people who don't have the patience to wait - ₹4,900

    13. And finally, if you just want something affordable that'll get the job done, get this South Indian filter coffee maker - ₹299