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11 Showtime Character Reaction GIFs For Every Group Text Scenario

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1. If several minutes have passed, and nobody is responding to your urgent question.

2. When asked about your plans for the weekend.

3. As everyone is simultaneously firing off texts about completely unrelated topics.

4. After someone sends a link you just shared an hour ago.

5. If someone in the thread asks to get picked up at the airport.

6. When a debate gets personal, and shots are suddenly fired.

7. After one of your friends drops a really sick burn.

8. When one person from the group messages you separately to talk trash.

9. After the normally shy person silences everyone with a witty comeback.

10. While someone's trying to question you, and you refer them to your previous texts.

11. When you realize how much the people in your group text actually mean to you.

Navigating the complex world of group texts is a delicate balancing act. Let SHOWTIME be your guide with award-winning shows that cover the full spectrum of emotions.