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6 Characters That Could Come Out On Top In Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones is heading into its homestretch, with two short seasons left. Characters we've loved and hated will rise and fall, but who could come out on top. That doesn't necessarily mean they're on the Iron Throne, but that they've at least accomplished their goal.

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1. Daenerys Targaryen

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Who else could lead this off? The Mother of Dragons has had a long road to Westeros, but Dany and her armies have finally arrived, and no Lannister or undead threat will stand in her way. And she could very well have the throne by the end, or even destroy it herself.

2. Jon Snow

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The other obvious one would be the "Bastard" of House Stark. Now the King of the North, he will look to unite everyone he can for the only war that matters. And since it looks like he is the true Prince that was Promised, he could be the true hero of this world.

3. Petyr Baelish

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The ultimate manipulator of Westeros, no one has played the game better than Littlefinger. Now worming his way around Winterfell, seeking the affections of Sansa, Baelish has always made sure he was in positions of power. Given that ability, its not beyond reason that he could come out on top when the dust settles.

4. Arya Stark

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Arya is now a stone-cold killer. She has her list and she's looking to cross off names. Now Arya may not end up on the Iron Throne, but that has never been her goal. Her goal is to kill all those that tried to bring down the Starks, and she could very well accomplish her goal.

5. Tyrion Lannister

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Now the Hand of the Queen, Tyrion has proven himself to be the ultimate survivor. Whether it was an angered Catelyn Stark or his own family, Tyrion is one of the most determined and intelligent individuals in the world. Now standing strong with Daenerys, he will be more than happy to take down his sister and come out the true top Lannister.

6. Jaime Lannister

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Probably the character with the best arc in the series, Jaime went from being an unlikable jerk to more of a reluctant hero-type at points. And he may get the chance to prove his moniker of Kingslayer, but instead of a King it would be a Queen. The prophesy told to Cersei said she'd die by the hands of a younger sibling, and with Jaime having a front row seat to her growing coldness to everything, he could be the man that saves Westeros from madness, again.

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